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10 Recipes That Will Make You The MVP Of Any Super Bowl Party

Jan 28th, 2013

If there is one element of a super bowl party that can rival a television set and the broadcast of the game in its importance, it is the food. Everyone enjoys it. The game lovers devour it. The people who are not interested in the game appreciate it more than they could ever express. Once the game is over, those happy with the outcome revel with delight in the snacks that still remain while those who supported the losing team turn to the food for comfort. If you want to be able to not only satiate the hunger of your guests but instill in them a fondness for you that could only be achieved through satisfying their stomachs, incorporate some of these recipes into your super bowl dish lineup!

1.   Wings – A perennial classic for football lovers from Buffalo, New York and around the country, spice doused wings are an integral part of thousands of super bowl parties around the country every year! Toss some wings with buffalo sauce, but consider using honey barbecue and other sauces for those who cannot handle the heat. Get sides of ranch and blue cheese, as well as a veggie platter that is heavy on the carrots and celery, to accompany the wings.

2.  All-American Chili – Celebrate the most widely anticipated event associated with America’s favorite sport with this warm all-American classic. Beefy, cheesy, and with plenty of beans and veggie stock to fill in the gaps, this chili is sure to be a hit among meat lovers at the party. For the full recipe, visit

3.   Pizza Bread – People love pizza. This is a fact. At your super bowl party, appease popular taste but put a twist on convention by feeding your guests pizza ingredients in a form they are unfamiliar with. Once they have a piece of this warm French bread based concoction, they will never yearn for a traditional slice of pizza again. You can find a good pizza bread recipe at

4.  Taco Soup – Super Bowl Sunday is almost always cold, especially for those who support the team that ends up losing. Thus, it is no coincidence that all of the dishes detailed up until now have been warm and comfort-y. This one is no exception. This highly rated Paula Deen recipe combines spicy chili peppers with hearty beef and health-packed legumes to create a taste of Sonoran cooking that will leave anyone who tries it rifling back through the buffet line for seconds. Be sure to get started on this one early—there isn’t a lot of prep work, but eight hours of crockpot cooking is required.

5.  .  Chex Mix – Great for adults and children alike, a hulking bowl of Chex Mix® in your Super Bowl spread will attract those who are just looking to munch on a handful of dry, snacky food. If you are feeling adventurous during your snack preparation period, consider mixing up a bowl of one of the alternative Chex® cereal-based snack mixes as well.

6.  Assorted Wraps – By this point on this list, just about any die hard health nut should be freaking out. Well, here is your single reprieve. Assemble all of the ingredients you have in your home that are typically used to make sandwiches, and see what kind of wraps you can’t make with them. Use whole wheat and flour tortillas, rolling together a blend of veggies for veggie wraps; bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo for BLT wraps, and drizzling teriyaki glaze over bits of grilled chicken and lettuce leaves for teriyaki wraps.

7.  Layered, Baked Buffalo Chicken Nachos – When it comes to entertaining at a Super Bowl party, there can never be too much buffalo sauce. That’s why—even if you have buffalo wings galore—you should try your hand at making these sinfully delicious nachos. Use whole wheat tortillas instead of flour and olive oil rather than butter, and this dish will look somewhat healthy when compared to most of the others in your game day lineup. For a foolproof recipe that will have your guests’ mouths watering, visit

8.  Sweet & Salty Frito Candy – A great way to transition your palate from snack mode to dessert mode is with a hunk of this sweet and savory crunch mixture. Whoever first thought that it would be a good idea to throw the signature Frito Lay® chip together with pretzels, butter, peanut butter cups, and brown sugar—only to spread melted chocolate over all of it, is a true genius.

9.  Truffle Football Cupcakes –If you have a real knack for culinary art, then try yourhand at these theme-appropriate baked goods. For most of us, there is thanks to be had in the fact that the real art in preparing this dessert comes in decorating it. The blend of ingredients contained within this cupcake batter is so undeniably irresistible that these cupcakes would be a big hit even if you failed to separate the batter and put it in the oven. Pull off the food coloring art required to make these cupcakes look as they do in the pictures, and you deserve to be MVP of the game and season.

10.  Chocolate Beer Truffles – Just in case the viewers at your party didn’t get their fill of brew during the game, you can wow them with a dose of post-game hops capable of simultaneously satisfying sweet tooth and beer belly without further impairing driving capabilities. When carrying out this simple recipe, you have considerable autonomy over the flavorful hints that will be evident in the final product.

As long as you focus a considerable amount of the time and energy you dedicate to planning your Super Bowl party into food preparation, you can hardly go wrong. Just tidy up your apartment, hang some super bowl insignia, inflate some balloon’s for your apartment’s foyer, and set out the snacks you’ve prepared especially for the game. You will be living and loving life with friends and acquaintances in your luxury apartment in no time!

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