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Go Long! 5 Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Super Bowl Bash

Jan 24th, 2014

There is no better way to establish your pad’s reputation as the epicenter of fun in your upscale apartment community than by hosting a Super Bowl party. If you don’t already have plans for watching the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks on February 2, then follow this guide on how to host a Super Bowl party. Perhaps you have been destined to have this party without even knowing it.

1.   Bring MetLife Stadium to Your Living Room

You (and your guests) can’t be at the game. What a shame. Really though, that’s no reason not to try your best to emulate the stadium experience with creative Super Bowl decor. Buy a football or two to have in the room, erect a makeshift goal post if you’re feeling extra motivated, or craft some yellow flags guests can hold up when they think an infraction has been committed in the game or they want to call someone out on a party foul. If you feel particularly festive, invest in statuettes of Lady Liberty, the Empire State Building, and red apples to honor the host city of this year’s Super Bowl, New York City.

2.   Create a Pool

Football is fun, but the big game can be made much more exciting if there is more at stake than sport-invested emotions. Have the most statistically inclined member of your crew design a foolproof pool that provides participants with several opportunities to win, based on rushing and passing yard totals, as well as the score at several points throughout the game. To make your pool even more exciting, make bets related to the commercials, officiating, and announcing.

3.   Don’t Skimp on Food

Except for the game, no element of your Super Bowl party will be more important than the food. To please those hungry stomachs that come rolling through your door, stock up on chips and prepare a few appetizers. Wings, mini-sandwiches, pizza, veggies, hummus, salsa, and various other dips are all standard fare for Super Bowl parties. As long as you have a mix of food items to please a range of tastes, it will be hard for you to go wrong in this category. And when in doubt, ask your guests! For some more inspiration, check out this blog post from last year: 10 Recipes That Will Make You The MVP Of Any Super Bowl Party.

4.   Relish the Commercials

  • Take notes during the commercials and hold a Super Bowl ad trivia session at the end.
  • Create a “commercial bingo” sheet beforehand.
  • Search online for interactive games that can be easily adapted to work with Super Bowl advertisements.

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