10 Easy Tips for Minimizing Waste

The average American generates nearly five pounds of solid waste per day. As a country, this equates to 1.5 billion pounds of trash per day, or nearly 500 billion pounds annually. To do your part in scaling back these numbers, follow these tips for reducing less waste.
1. Buy unpackaged goods
Alright. It’s not easy to find food and other goods that aren’t wrapped in plastic or other packaging. But most of the freshest produce comes with little or no packaging. We’re talking farmers market produce and snacks from bulk bins. The same goes for second-hand goods, which do your wallet and the world […]

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Chicagoland’s Freshest Farmers Markets

Chicago summers have a lot of great selling points. For home chefs and health nuts, the quality and quantity of farmers markets in the Windy City is definitely one of them. From the northern suburb of Arlington Heights to Aurora out west, Chicagoland is home to more than 50 regular farmers markets. Here’s a list of some of the most distinguished.
Daley Plaza Farmers Market
The Daley plaza market has the distinction of being the Chicago’s longest-running farmers market. If you live or work downtown, it’s a convenient place to grab flavorful tamales and other bites for lunch. Daley Plaza Market, a ten-minute walk from […]

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Recipe of the Month: Noorah’s Saudi Arabian Kapsa with Pumpkin

It’s hard to tell what the highlight of this recipe is—the dessert or the Kapsa.

Kapsa (or Kabsa) is a Middle Eastern dish most commonly eaten in Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states. The dish at its most basic consists of a hearty mixture of meat, long-grain rice, and vegetables. The way it is seasoned gives the dish the majority of its flavor profile, often using spices such as cloves, cardamom, saffron, bay leaves, and a few others. The varieties of the recipe spin off from there.

Noorah, a resident at AMLI Dadeland, created a version of this recipe that truly […]

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Good Summer 2017 Eats in South Lake Union

Six or seven years ago, South Lake Union residents complained that there were few quality dining options in the neighborhood. South Lake Union’s culinary scene has since exploded, propelling the neighborhood into the ranks of the best Seattle neighborhoods for eating. If you’re looking for something good to eat, here’s a list of the hottest places in South Lake Union to grab a bite.

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Bar Harbor
Serving as gateway to the majestic mountains and cliffs of Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine has substantial appeal as a tourist destination. […]

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How to Select the Perfect Linens for Your Apartment

A quality mattress and a cozy blanket with pillows designed for your sleeping style all contribute to a getting good night’s sleep. But the sheets and pillowcases you use are at least as important. Your skin makes a lot of direct contact with bed linens, which should be well-fitted and soft to the touch. If you’re in the market for new bed linens, follow these steps to ensure you choose a set that’s right for you and your sleeping situation.
Set your budget
You can spend as little as $20 to upwards of $1,000 on a single set of bed linens. You certainly don’t […]

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