9 Quality Fair Trade Teas You Can Buy Online

Fair trade-certified coffee beans, relatively rare a decade ago, are now an American coffeehouse standard. Consumer demand for tea leaves grown with environmental and socially responsibility in mind is also on the rise. As a result, it’s easier to find on grocery and supermarket shelves than it was a few years ago. But some of the best fair trade tea leaves are most affordably and conveniently purchased online. Here are nine ethical tea labels you can ship straight to your apartment.
Arbor Teas
Arbor’s organic, fair trade teas are sourced from around the world. They’re also reasonably priced, considering the quality and ethical assurance they deliver. A stalwart […]

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How to Build a More Sustainable Wardrobe

With eco-fashion on the rise, assembling a sustainable wardrobe is more affordable and convenient than ever before. Like other eco-conscious lifestyle changes, building a more sustainable wardrobe is not something you need to do overnight. Greening your closet bit-by-bit not only suffices. It is also more feasible. If you’re looking to add nothing but sustainable clothing to your closet or dresser from this point forward, follow these tips.
Repurpose old attire
Not everyone has a penchant for DIY fashion. But it can be surprisingly simple to give old clothing and accessories a new lease on life. If you have a creative streak or are […]

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Chicago’s Most Influential Hot Dogs

Where notoriety is concerned, Chicago’s hot dogs rival the city’s deep-dish pizza and Italian beef. And not just one individual or restaurant is responsible. German immigrants first introduced Chicago to tubed sausages in the mid-1800s. S. Rosen’s started baking poppy-seed buns in 1909. They’re still unofficially the official Chicago-style hot dog bun. Around the time of the Great Depression, Jewish immigrants refined the by-then traditional dog with their kosher all-beef sausages. At some point, seven condiments became the Chicago-style standard. Yellow mustard, white onion, sweet pickle relish, sport peppers, tomatoes, kosher dill pickle spears, and celery salt are affectionately called […]

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Recipe of the Month: Michelle’s Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Tacos

While all tacos generally come in the same shapes and sizes, the same can’t be said of their ingredients. Tacos are simply one of the most versatile foods around. Few dishes are as accommodating to fusion-style experimentation as a plate of tacos. The one thing that unites all tacos, however, is the tortillas they’re wrapped in, and even those have seen countless variations.

Michelle, a resident at AMLI 2121, created a version of this recipe that truly showcases the versatility of the dish, including a whole lot of fall flair. Forgoing meat altogether, Michelle instead here relies on a hearty helping […]

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8 Seattle Art Exhibitions to Check out this Fall

Art is an unrivaled medium of expression. If you like experiencing the lenses through which artists see, feel, and interpret their world, Seattle is a good place to be this fall. Several highly-anticipated art exhibitions are currently on display or slated to open soon. Here’s an overview of eight Seattle art shows we recommend checking out.
Humaira Abid: Searching for Home
Sept 22 – Mar 25 at Bellevue Arts Museum

Pakistani-born artist Humaira Abid’s first solo museum exhibition tells the stories of immigrants and refugees in the Pacific Northwest. And it does so through the mediums of wood carving and miniature painting. The Bellevue […]

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