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Home Design 101: How to Make the Most of a Small Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms serve as a retreat from the chaos of the day. They also serve as a much needed sanctuary. Many houses, however, have smaller bedrooms that, when entered, feel cramped and stifling. Even if your master bedroom is small that doesn’t mean that it can’t serve the purpose intended. In fact, it can be extraordinary. Here are some ideas to get you started and ensure you create the perfect retreat in your own home.
Change your color scheme
By selecting new colors for the room, the appearance of volume can be easily achieved. A monochromatic scheme is one of the easiest […]

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4 Tips to Comfortably Live in a Small Apartment

Most families have to live in small apartments at least once in a lifetime. However, small-space living comes with a bunch of challenges. Many families have trouble adapting to these spaces without some sort of plan for doing so. If you and your family live in a small space, here are four ways to help you better cope with the situation.
1. Double-duty furniture
According to Apartment Therapy, choosing furniture that serves more than one purpose will help you adjust to small-space living. When you’re decorating your new apartment look for items like storage benches that double as seats for the kitchen […]

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How to Keep Your Wood Floors Looking Great When You Have Pets and Kids

Hardwood flooring is unmatched in its ability to lend beauty, elegance, and value to the inside of your home. As beautiful as it is, it can quickly succumb to damages inflicted by your children and pets. Use these four easy steps to keep your wooden floors looking their best.
Clean the floor daily
Your kids and pets may drag in all sorts of debris like pebbles, sand, and dirt on the bottoms of their feet. This debris can grind into you wood flooring and cause scratches, streaks, and other unsightly damages.

You can protect your floors and help them look their best by […]

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4 Ways to Transform Your Studio Apartment

Most people think of studio apartments as the small, cramped spaces meant for young tenants who can’t yet afford larger accommodations. However, there are many ways that a studio apartment can be improved. With many people embracing a lifestyle of minimalism, studios have also lost some of their “cheap and cramped” reputation. Here are four easy ways you can make your studio apartment into a more manageable and livable space.
Use open space to your advantage
Studio apartments may be smaller than multi-bedroom units in terms of square footage, but their open floor plans offer some real opportunities when it comes to […]

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The Compact Life: Storage Tips for Small Apartment Dwellers

Living in an apartment has its conveniences and living in small spaces can be attractive to some. However, a few might struggle with being able to keep all of their stuff inside their apartment comfortably. For those with a lot of stuff, it takes a lot of organization and some planning to make sure that all of their things fit in their space just right. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to keep all of your possessions and keep the cozy apartment you have or move to a smaller one in a new neighborhood, here is what you can […]

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