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Dallas’s Best Margaritas

What’s a Texas summer without a good margarita? Most recipes of this simple Mexican and American cocktail classic consist of just tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice, but nearly infinite varieties have sprung up since its bump in popularity during the Prohibition era. Whether you prefer your margarita up or down in tumbler glass, frozen, shaken, on the rocks, with a salted rim and fresh lime, or any combination thereof, here are the best places to satiate your summer margarita fix in Dallas.
La Calle Doce
This Mexican restaurant is most well known for its delectable seafood. But La Calle Doce’s margaritas are equally […]

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Speakeasy Bars in Chicago

Chicago was something of a speakeasy capital during the Prohibition years, fueled largely by the bootlegging of prolific gangster Al Capone. And although the speakeasy’s purpose ended with the 1933 repeal of Prohibition, demand for speakeasy-style bars never truly fizzled out. Today, “secret” bars requiring a password for entrance are as popular as ever, as well as those decorated with the trappings of the 1920s and Prohibition era. Here are 15 hip retro bars where you can get a taste of the times without fear of legal retribution.
The Bassment
Tucked beneath The Hampton Social, this hopping Chicago speakeasy hosts in-house jazz, R&B and […]

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5 Space-Saving DIY Projects for Your Apartment

Unless you are an obsessively disciplined minimalist, you probably wish you had more storage space in your apartment. Furnished storage space is an option worth considering, but too much additional furniture is likely to clutter your apartment. DIY storage systems are a less expensive, more practical alternative for many apartments. Before buying new furniture or renting storage space, make sure your closets, cabinetry, desks and dressers are organized for optimal storage. If they’re not, these space-saving DIY projects should help you better use your apartment’s existing storage infrastructure.
Magazine rack organizers
Magazine racks are conveniently sized for storing an array of household goods. They’re […]

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Things to Do on Austin’s South Shore

The Colorado River’s southern shores are home to some of Austin’s most treasured green space. And the fast-growing neighborhoods lining those shores are the site of dynamic service and retail activity. As a result, there are plenty of exciting ways to pass time in and around the South Shore District. The next time you want to make the most of a day off without venturing far from your South Shore apartment rental, consider these worthwhile experiences.
Relax or recreate at Lady Bird Lake
Lady Bird Lake, the easternmost reservoir along Texas’ Colorado River, was designed as a power plant cooling pond. Now an integral part of […]

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9 Exceptional Seattle Spa Experiences

You could probably attribute it to Seattle’s strong Nordic heritage, health-conscious population or oft-gloomy weather. But for some reason, the Emerald City and its environs are home to an impressive number of exceptional day spas. We’re not complaining or anything. It just makes it that much harder to have a bad spa day. But for a truly remarkable spa day, here are nine Seattle spa retreats every massage enthusiast and sauna rat should know.
Ananya Spa
Year after year, this waterfront Seattle spa receives positive critical reviews and appears on lists of the city’s best spas. Ananya is praised for the quality and variety of […]

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