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12 Fascinating Facts About Chicago

For a so-called “Second City,” Chicago lays claims to no shortage of firsts. The zipper, cell phone, spray paint, softball, vacuum cleaner, and deep-dish pizza are just a few innovations for which you can thank Chicago. In today’s post, we highlight other Windy City firsts and fun facts about the great American city of Chicago.
No matter how you translate it, “Chicago” doesn’t smell like roses
The first known reference to Chicago as “Checagou” appears in a Robert de Salle memoir dating from around 1679. Robert de Salle first referred to the present-day Chicago area as “Checagou” in a memoir dating from […]

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10 Delicious Austin Pizza Joints

Austin’s reputation for good cuisine spans the culinary spectrum. But in addition to barbecue, ramen, and Tex-Mex, Austin scores serious points for its dynamic pizza scene. The next time you’re looking to satisfy a pizza craving, try one of these highly-rated Austin pizzerias.

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Sixty seconds is all that’s required to bake a Bufalina pizza. But the East Austin pizza joint is so popular, patrons can wait upwards of 60 minutes for a table. Bufalina’s delicate crust and premium toppings make their pies worth tasting. A well-curated wine […]

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Organize Your Life with these Apps

An organized life is a better life. If your apartment, office desk, household finances, exercise regimen, photo library, or any other facet of your life could use some organizing, don’t fret. There’s a solution out there. You just need to find the right one for you. Here are 15 popular apps that can help you get your life in order.
Well-suited to work teams, Asana allows users to record and track schedules, assign due dates, and pitch ideas. Asana’s multi-functional interface seamlessly organizes tasks and conversations in an intuitive, searchable manner.
Know when and how to service and troubleshoot appliances, electronics, and other mass-produced […]

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A Look at Seattle’s New Nordic Museum

Seattle’s Nordic Heritage Museum takes pride in celebrating and showcasing heritage from all Nordic countries. And after nearly four decades on display in the historic Daniel Webster Elementary School building, the museum’s collection is migrating to a new home (with a new name). The Nordic Museum, described by Seattle Mag as a “showpiece for forward-thinking Nordic design” is slated to open its doors to the public on Saturday, May 5. Celebrate the occasion and gear up for your first visit by reading about the museum’s awe-inspiring new space and rich ethnographic collections.
Architecture, design, and layout
It took a dozen years and exhaustive efforts to […]

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How to Clean Your Apartment Efficiently

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning is much more of a skill than a talent. It can be learned. It can be mastered. But it must be practiced. If you’d like to return to a clean apartment every day after work and ensure your apartment is perpetually ready to impress visitors, follow this advice.
Adopt a minimalist lifestyle
Depending on your innate and learned tendencies, parting with belongings you don’t need can be difficult. For almost everyone, however, carrying out a large-scale purge of clothing, paperwork, books, or some other category of possessions results in a sense of freedom. The fewer possessions you keep in your […]

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