10 Ready-to-Mount Floating Shelves for Your Apartment

Functional and pleasing to the eyes, floating shelves are an ideal storage solution when space is at a premium. A range of styles, materials, and colors makes it easy to find a floating shelf that matches your decor. If you’re looking to add storage or display space to your apartment but don’t want to take on a major DIY project, here are ten ready-to-mount shelves you might like.
1. Bamboo Three-Tier Floating Shelves
Lipper International’s three-tier bamboo shelves don’t even require wall mounting. The bamboo product sits comfortably on kitchen counters and other level spaces, and can add a cabinet’s worth of storage […]

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Which Clothes Really Need Dry Cleaning?

How many times has that dreaded “dry clean only” label deterred you from purchasing a dress, jacket, or sweater you really like? Some clothes really should only be dry cleaned. But much of what’s in your wardrobe can be washed at home without risk of harm, even if the care instructions recommend dry cleaning. Let’s take a look at clothing materials for which dry cleaning is often recommended but not always necessary.
Known as “the golden fleece,” cashmere has been a prized clothing material for several centuries. Cashmere clothing almost always comes with instructions to dry clean, but very few cashmere items actually require […]

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5 Simple Habits to Increase Your Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be defined as a state of conscious awareness for the present and nonjudgmental acceptance of what one feels and experiences. Mindful living has profound and far-reaching physical and psychological benefits. If you’re looking to be less reactive and access the inner peace that exists deep within your soul, adopt the following habits.
1. Act with intention
Doing without thinking is commonplace for many tasks in today’s society. But when you think about everything you do, acting deliberately and in line with your goals and values, you live a more meaningful life. Instead of just going with the flow and undertaking […]

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How to Make Your Living Room More Inviting

In what room of your apartment do you pass most of your waking hours? If you invite guests into your apartment and they only see one room, which is it? For most of us, the answer to both questions is the same: the living room. Because of this, it’s especially important for your apartment living room to feel inviting, warm, and welcoming.
Invest in comfortable furniture
A comfortable arm chair or sofa can make an otherwise uninviting living room feel very welcoming to a guest. A guest who spends five minutes sitting in a comfortable living room chair may leave your apartment feeling impressed […]

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How to Choose the Best TV for Your Apartment

Selecting a new TV is not a decision to take lightly. Like in many aspects of modern life, the paradox of choice makes choosing a new living room TV harder than feels necessary. Here, we take a look at factors you should consider to help you make the right decision easier.
Bigger may not always be better where TVs are concerned, but it usually is. Unless your living room is small enough you’ll have trouble viewing the entire screen at once from where you’ll sit, opt for a TV screen measuring at least 50 inches diagonally. According to entertainment gear reviewer David Katzmaier, […]

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