Organize Your Life with these Apps

An organized life is a better life. If your apartment, office desk, household finances, exercise regimen, photo library, or any other facet of your life could use some organizing, don’t fret. There’s a solution out there. You just need to find the right one for you. Here are 15 popular apps that can help you get your life in order.
Well-suited to work teams, Asana allows users to record and track schedules, assign due dates, and pitch ideas. Asana’s multi-functional interface seamlessly organizes tasks and conversations in an intuitive, searchable manner.
Know when and how to service and troubleshoot appliances, electronics, and other mass-produced […]

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Photo of the Month: Scott’s View of AMLI on 2nd

Every fall, AMLI throws a social media contest for the residents living at its communities around the country. Last fall, we held an Instagram and Facebook photo contest called My AMLI View, which sought the brightest, best, and most creative shots residents could muster from in and around their AMLI communities. Some residents chose to snap photos from their balconies, others looked to their building’s unique design for inspiration, and still some chose to focus on the natural areas and neighborhood surrounding their AMLI community. A select few even decided to capture a scene straight from their very own living rooms.

The point of it […]

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How to Clean Your Apartment Efficiently

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning is much more of a skill than a talent. It can be learned. It can be mastered. But it must be practiced. If you’d like to return to a clean apartment every day after work and ensure your apartment is perpetually ready to impress visitors, follow this advice.
Adopt a minimalist lifestyle
Depending on your innate and learned tendencies, parting with belongings you don’t need can be difficult. For almost everyone, however, carrying out a large-scale purge of clothing, paperwork, books, or some other category of possessions results in a sense of freedom. The fewer possessions you keep in your […]

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How to Use Your Phone Less Often

The average American now spends more time on his or her smartphone each day than he or she spends socializing with friends and family. For college students and young professionals of the millennial generation, smartphone ownership and usage rates are even higher. While smartphones are more or less an essential part of our society’s infrastructure, those who spend several hours attached to their phones each day are at increased risk of experiencing antisocial behavior, lost productivity, sleeplessness, depression, and anxiety. If you’d like to wean yourself off your smartphone addiction, here are six tips for using your smartphone less.
Examine your usage statistics
Before […]

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10 Cookbooks that Will Revolutionize the Way You Cook in 2018

Did you resolve to prepare more of your own meals in 2018? If you haven’t spent much more time in your apartment kitchen this year than you usually do, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time to turn things around, and no shortage of superb new or newish cookbooks that can help you accomplish your goals. Here are a dozen contemporary cookbooks that critics and home chefs agree are first-rate. With these cookbooks and the right kitchen tools and gadgets, you can transform your cooking dreams into reality.

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