Photo of the Month: LaRon’s View of AMLI Uptown Orange

Every fall, AMLI throws a social media contest for the residents living at its communities around the country. Last fall, we held an Instagram and Facebook photo contest called My AMLI View, which sought the brightest, best, and most creative shots residents could muster from in and around their AMLI communities. Some residents chose to snap photos from their balconies, others looked to their building’s unique design for inspiration, and still some chose to focus on the natural areas and neighborhood surrounding their AMLI community. A select few even decided to capture a scene straight from their very own living rooms.

The point of […]

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8 Smartphone Apps to Help you Meet Your Fitness Goals

We’re six weeks into 2018. How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? If you resolved to lose weight, build muscle mass, eat healthier, or live a more active lifestyle this year, this post is for you. Here are eight smartphone apps designed to help you stay on top of your fitness goals, even if you’ve lost some of that New Year’s resolve.
Abvio’s highly-rated fitness tracking app collects thorough data from your bike rides, walks, and runs. Use it to track fitness progress and push your limits so you can achieve your goals and set new ones. Cyclemeter’s basic version is free. […]

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7 Warm Winter Cocktails Perfect for Cold Nights

Eggnog season has come and gone, but chilly temperatures will linger for a while yet across much of the country. Thankfully, dozens of inventive winter cocktails can prove particularly satisfying on cold days. The next time you host a dinner party on a chilly night or wish to wind down with a warming adult beverage, try one of these winter cocktails.
Hot toddy
If you like whiskey, this classic warming cocktail is unlikely to get old even as winter drags on. If you prefer brandy, rum, or gin, warm up with a twist on the classic hot toddy. The option to add tea, spices, […]

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9 Ways Mantras Can Change Your Life for the Better

If you practice yoga or are familiar with ancient eastern spirituality, you know what a mantra is. Broken down and translated into English, the Sanskrit word mantra means “vehicle of the mind.” And repetition of mantras can transform habits, practices, and even mindsets. Here are 10 ways you can use the transformative power of mantras to effect positive change in your life.
Appreciate the little things
Setting ambitious goals and working toward them is one way to achieve what you need or want to achieve. But when relatively little progress is made, the process becomes daunting. Stay mindful of the progress you make, recognizing stepping stones […]

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10 Things That Should Never Go Down The Drain (And Why)

Can you imagine living without shower, sink, and toilet drains? These standard plumbing features provide conveniences many of us don’t truly appreciate until until one of our drains gets backed up. The most effective way to keep your drains in good working order is to be mindful about what goes down. Familiarize yourself with common sources of plumbing clogs and groundwater contamination, and flush and rinse accordingly. Here’s a list of 10 serial offenders to get you started.
An estimated one-third of all medication manufactured and sold in the United States goes unconsumed. While dumping it down the toilet keeps children, pets, and unprescribed adults […]

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