How to Make Your Living Room More Inviting

In what room of your apartment do you pass most of your waking hours? If you invite guests into your apartment and they only see one room, which is it? For most of us, the answer to both questions is the same: the living room. Because of this, it’s especially important for your apartment living room to feel inviting, warm, and welcoming.
Invest in comfortable furniture
A comfortable arm chair or sofa can make an otherwise uninviting living room feel very welcoming to a guest. A guest who spends five minutes sitting in a comfortable living room chair may leave your apartment feeling impressed […]

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How to Choose the Best TV for Your Apartment

Selecting a new TV is not a decision to take lightly. Like in many aspects of modern life, the paradox of choice makes choosing a new living room TV harder than feels necessary. Here, we take a look at factors you should consider to help you make the right decision easier.
Bigger may not always be better where TVs are concerned, but it usually is. Unless your living room is small enough you’ll have trouble viewing the entire screen at once from where you’ll sit, opt for a TV screen measuring at least 50 inches diagonally. According to entertainment gear reviewer David Katzmaier, […]

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AMLI Covered Bridge: Luxury Living in Texas Hill Country

AMLI Covered Bridge is one of AMLI Residential’s newest luxury apartment communities in Austin. It is also one of the most unique. The community is nestled just at the foot of Texas Hill Country, with many units providing unobstructed natural views—and every apartment has its own private balcony or yard space to enjoy them from.

All the amenities, including the resort-style pools, club room, 24-hour fitness center, and luxurious common areas are cared for by a dedicated on-site staff. The grounds are circled by a paved trail that winds through the surrounding trees and hilly grasslands. Our community is 100-percent pet-friendly and the building is […]

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How to Brew Better Coffee at Home

Cutting-edge espresso machines cost a fortune, but so does buying a $4 cup of coffee every day for a year. Do you currently get your morning coffee at a cafe because it tastes or works much better than coffee you brew at home? With a mid-range coffeemaker, some high-quality beans, and the tips provided below, you can brew much better coffee in your apartment. You’ll save money in the long run. And knowing that morning jolt is waiting for you in your kitchen may help you spring out of bed easier and be more productive during your morning routine.
Buy quality beans
Several factors […]

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Tips for Tapping Into Your Creative Genius

Pop culture is dominated by the young, the beautiful, and the creative. Regardless of age, career, or stage of life, creativity is in there somewhere for everyone. It may seem more difficult to harness than it once used to be, but after getting a few projects under your belt, creative thoughts and ideas will come to you as naturally as ever. If you’re looking to unleash the powers of the right side of your brain, here are some tips that can help you tap into your creative genius on your own time.
Make your environment inspiring
It’s difficult to unlock your full creative […]

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