5 Seattle Dessert Shops to Try Now

We all have a sweet tooth. Whether it be looking forward to a scrumptious slice of pie or diving into a hot fudge sundae, dessert is the perfect way to end your evening. For those of you who don’t have the time or motivation to slave away in the kitchen, Seattle provides you with an abundance of dessert shops that will elate your taste buds and keep you heading back for more. Below, we’ve included 5  delectable dessert shops for you to try out.
Seattle Cookie Counter
7415 Greenwood Avenue N & 517 E. Pike St.

Every business has a beginning, and Seattle Cookie […]

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Mediterranean Restaurants in Austin to Try Now

When people first think of Mediterranean food, their minds often wander to pita bread, bowls of hummus and savory helpings of olive oil. However, Mediterranean cuisine is so much more than that. The popular cuisine includes the diverse tastes of countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Morocco. Although dishes vary, many share common ingredients like feta cheese, grape leaves, olives, grains like bulgur and couscous and uniquely spiced meats, often lamb. It’s typical for dishes dishes to be prepared with fresh ingredients, making them a healthier option when compared to the hearty entrees you regularly see on […]

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Linger Eatuary: Denver Restaurant with a Morbid Side

As 5 o’clock rolls around and the sun begins to set, people are making their way out of work and headed to a nearby restaurant to grab an appetizer and cocktail. The summer continues to heat up and more and more people are taking a break from cooking to head out for a night on the town. And with living in a city as beautiful as Denver, it’s important to find a place that’s tasty, unique and comes with a rooftop deck—that’s where Linger Eatuary comes in.

Less than five minutes from our Riverfront Park apartments, and complete with a 1oo-seat rooftop […]

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3 Places to Grab Breakfast near Atlanta’s Intown Neighborhood

As people snooze their alarm clocks for the third time before lazily crawling out of bed to begin their day, there’s one thing that’s always waiting for them, breakfast. And while some might grab some cereal or a muffin before heading out the door, those who have the time to get a solid meal in before their days begin often times stay fuller for longer periods of time and are more alert than their peers. Luckily, Atlanta has a plethora of breakfast spots to get your day started off right, all nestled closely to our Old Fourth Ward Park apartments.
Atlanta […]

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3 Easy Summer Cocktails

The weather is heating up, the days are becoming longer, and there’s no better time than now to enjoy an ice-cold adult beverage. No matter if you’re spending your weekends lazily lounging by the pool or heading to a friend’s barbecue, whipping up tasty cocktails is a guaranteed way to win over your friends and family. Since a frosty, cool drink can be a summer staple, we’ve gathered a few recipes to help you beat the heat and stay refreshed. So grab a few glasses and let’s raise a toast to these tasty summer cocktails.
Blackberry cucumber gin and tonic
A sweet […]

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