The Art of Upcycling

Just because you’ll no longer wear an old shirt doesn’t mean you should scrap it. That same shirt could help you carry tomorrow’s groceries from the store to your car. Finding innovative uses for goods you no longer need is fun. It’s a creative outlet that benefits the environment and can save you money. And, as of two decades ago, it’s a process we call upcycling.
What is upcycling?
Upcycling is the creative reuse of materials without degrading their composition. Consider an old barn that is about to be demolished. If you salvage a wooden door and assemble a coffee or dining table from it, […]

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9 Quality Fair Trade Teas You Can Buy Online

Fair trade-certified coffee beans, relatively rare a decade ago, are now an American coffeehouse standard. Consumer demand for tea leaves grown with environmental and socially responsibility in mind is also on the rise. As a result, it’s easier to find on grocery and supermarket shelves than it was a few years ago. But some of the best fair trade tea leaves are most affordably and conveniently purchased online. Here are nine ethical tea labels you can ship straight to your apartment.
Arbor Teas
Arbor’s organic, fair trade teas are sourced from around the world. They’re also reasonably priced, considering the quality and ethical assurance they deliver. A stalwart […]

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How to Build a More Sustainable Wardrobe

With eco-fashion on the rise, assembling a sustainable wardrobe is more affordable and convenient than ever before. Like other eco-conscious lifestyle changes, building a more sustainable wardrobe is not something you need to do overnight. Greening your closet bit-by-bit not only suffices. It is also more feasible. If you’re looking to add nothing but sustainable clothing to your closet or dresser from this point forward, follow these tips.
Repurpose old attire
Not everyone has a penchant for DIY fashion. But it can be surprisingly simple to give old clothing and accessories a new lease on life. If you have a creative streak or are […]

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Best Hybrid and Electric Car Models for 2017-2018

The concept of the electric car can be traced back nearly 200 years. But more progress has been made over the past decade than during the two previous centuries combined. This progress, coupled with the expanding presence of car charging stations, makes owning an electric car easier than ever. If you’re keen to reduce spending on gas and curb your carbon footprint by driving a more eco-friendly car, here are some impressive hybrid and electric car models to consider.
BMW i3
Speedy acceleration, excellent handling, and a high reliability rating give this electric vehicle (EV) a solid reputation. With a starting MSRP of $44,450, the BMW […]

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10 Easy Tips for Minimizing Waste

The average American generates nearly five pounds of solid waste per day. As a country, this equates to 1.5 billion pounds of trash per day, or nearly 500 billion pounds annually. To do your part in scaling back these numbers, follow these tips for reducing less waste.
1. Buy unpackaged goods
Alright. It’s not easy to find food and other goods that aren’t wrapped in plastic or other packaging. But most of the freshest produce comes with little or no packaging. We’re talking farmers market produce and snacks from bulk bins. The same goes for second-hand goods, which do your wallet and the world […]

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