The Best Plants for Dark Apartments

We all know that plants need sunlight to grow. So, what can you do if your apartment gets very little light during the day hours? Luckily, there are many houseplants that thrive with indirect sun or even in full shade. Adding a few houseplants brings in beauty, texture and good energy into your apartment—and it’s easy to do! Here are some of the best plants for your dark apartment.

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Snake plant
This easy-care houseplant has sword-like (or snake-like!) straight leaves and comes in a variety of sizes. Snake plants thrive in […]

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6 Tips for Easier Recycling at Home

Depending where you live, recycling at home can make a substantial difference to the environment for future generations. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the recycling average is right under 30 percent nation-wide. Recycling at your apartment is a great way individuals can make a difference on both a local and global scale.

Here are six tips for easy recycling at home so you can kick start your efforts and improve our planet for the better.
Tip #1: Sorting
Check into your city’s recycling policies to see what items can be recycled and how to go about doing it. Some cities need you to […]

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How to Give Your Old Clothes New Life

Replacing your favorite jeans or T-shirt is never easy. These are the go-to items you’ve worn for years—you’ve lived a lot of life in these worn-out clothes. We’ve got some hacks to help you extend the life of your older clothing so you won’t need to run out to the store. Most of the tips we have below can be done with items you probably already have in your apartment. Here’s how you can give your old clothes new life.
Shape them up
Removes pills from sweaters, pants, jackets or anything else.

Over years of wear, knitted fibers begin to push out from […]

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Tips for Happy Houseplants

Plants brighten up any living space. They bring nature indoors—that touch of green will soften up any room in your apartment. Houseplants are a lovely decoration, but they do come with a little maintenance to keep them alive and looking their best. The secret to houseplant success is to create the same ideal conditions as they would enjoy in their native habitat. Unlike their wild family members, houseplants are dependent on you for their care. Use these tips to keep your houseplants happy!

Don’t over water
Overwatering can rot the roots of your plant and eventually kill it. Before watering, feel the top […]

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We Love this Affordable Green Cleaner

You want clean clothes, a spotless kitchen and a germ-free bathroom, but you also care about the environment. Many household cleaners have harsh chemicals that are harmful to our health and our planet. Most are also packaged with non-recyclable materials leading to even more problems.

We’ve found a line of eco-friendly green cleaners that are made from plant-based ingredients and have all the cleaning power you’ll need. They are carefully packaged with 100 percent post-consumer recycled bottles and always include How2Recycle icons on each package. On top of all that, it’s affordable and available at most popular retail stores.

That product is Seventh […]

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