How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

In the summer months, outdoor air quality is an increased concern, and smog and haze tend to linger and be more noticeable. The thing is, the air inside our homes are likely to be more polluted than the air outside. Dust, fragrances, chemicals (in cleaners) and pets can all decrease your home’s air quality.

Your apartment is constructed to be well insulated and airtight, (to improve energy efficiency) keeping these irritants inside your home. There are some simple steps you can take to improve indoor air quality within your apartment.
Switch to natural cleaners
While you may associate lemon, lavender and pine scents with a clean […]

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Travel Sustainably Wherever You Go

Whether you’re exploring historic sites, immersing yourself in another culture, or ogling at a natural wonder, travel affords some of the richest and most rewarding experiences you can have. Do your part in protecting the places you visit by respecting local norms end employing sustainable travel practices. Here are 10 ways to reduce your travel footprint or compensate for carbon emissions associated with getting you to and from your vacation destination.
Set thermostat to save energy
Before you leave for your destination, set the thermostat in your apartment higher than usual to save electricity. If traveling in winter, set the thermostat lower than usual.
Travel […]

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Apartment Life is Greener

Apartments are the answer for how to have a greener, healthier and more responsible life.
Better Choice for Your Home—Why?
Apartment living allows you to have a healthier lifestyle and a smaller carbon footprint than living in a single-family house or townhome. Consider these reasons:

In single-family homes empty rooms and unused spaces waste energy and money on heating and cooling space you don’t even use. Apartments are a better size for your needs.
You can drive fewer miles and be more active because apartments are typically within walking distance to employment, entertainment and public transit.
Apartment communities use significantly less water […]

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AMLI Brings Solar and Clean, Green Energy to Dallas and Houston

This year, AMLI is tapping into green energy in a big way. All common areas in AMLI’s Houston and Dallas-area communities will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy. And by the end of fall, four Dallas-area communities will have rooftop solar panels.

Communities receiving solar panels are:

AMLI Campion Trail in Irving.
AMLI West Plano in Plano.
AMLI Frisco Crossing in Frisco.
AMLI at the Ballpark in Frisco.

These rooftop solar panel arrays vary in size, but promise to supply up 20 percent of each community’s energy needs in their amenity and common areas. AMLI Campion Trail and AMLI West Plano already have their solar panels up-and-running. […]

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8 Simple Ways to Use Less Water

Recent droughts in Southern California, Texas, and elsewhere have heightened awareness around the need to use water sparingly. Even if you don’t pay for water based on volume used or live in a city where the next water crisis always seems to be looming, it’s important to be mindful of your water consumption. Here are eight simple ways to use less water.
Take shorter showers
Challenging yourself to shower less frequently and for shorter durations is a great way to save water. You’ll save even more water if you turn off the tap while lathering up with soap, shampoo, or conditioner.
Cook with […]

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