Add Some Personality to Your Apartment Decor

Whether you’re renting an apartment as a short-term housing solution or as a long-term residence, you want the décor to reflect your personality. In some rental situations, there are restrictions on what you can do to the interior space. If that’s a situation you find yourself in, consider it an opportunity to release your creativity, or discover the creative part of yourself that you didn’t know existed, and collect décor that creates a visual depiction of your personality.
Include your favorite color
Professional decorators often recommend that you paint one wall, called an accent wall, in a color that differs from the […]

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4 Space Illusion Tips to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

Whether you’re living in a small apartment because it’s a better fit for your budget, due to the location or because you’re on board with the small home living trend, you don’t want your apartment to feel or look cramped. There are many decorating tips you can implement to increase the visual spaciousness of your apartment.
Furniture Selection
People tend to think that a small apartment requires small pieces of furniture. To make rooms appear more spacious, it’s best to include a few average size pieces of functional furniture than lots of small accent pieces. Tables with an open base work well […]

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Holiday Decorating Ideas that Save Time and Money

Sure, an apartment that looks like it’s been decorated by Mrs. Claus and an army of elves is impressive. But who has the time or money to change up the decor in every nook and cranny of an apartment, only to take everything down and rearrange after the New Year? Here are some holiday decor tips to make your apartment look great without breaking the bank or going mad before the fast-approaching holidays arrive.
Decorate with what you have
Reusing holiday decorations year after year is something almost everyone does, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Do that, yes. But try […]

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How To Quickly Modernize Your Apartment

When moving into an apartment, it can be easy to feel uncomfortable in a new space that doesn’t yet feel like home. Fortunately, your decor and furnishings can be enough to transform the setting and make it feel that way in no time. Try modernizing your apartment and make it up-to-date with the latest styles, there are a few important tips to follow.
Change the light fixtures
One of the quickest ways to give your apartment a quick update is to change out the light fixtures. According to Apartment Therapy, you can install new ceiling lamps that feature a bulb drum normally used […]

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Winter Decorating Tips to Cozy Up Your Apartment

Winter is coming. Is your apartment ready? Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that snow isn’t a regular fixture of the season, you might need to start making some minor adjustments around home to cheer you up. Make this time of chillier temperatures and darker days more bearable with a few simple changes to your apartment decor. Here are some winter decorating tips that can help.
Make a rug
Do you like to walk around your apartment barefoot? Having a few rugs on the floor can keep your feet warm and comfortable. If you’re feeling ambitious and have some time on your hand, […]

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