7 DIY Projects You Can Finish in Under 2 Hours

There are large-scale DIY projects that require multiple tools, specific skills, and the better part of a weekend to complete. And then there are DIY projects you can carry out with few if any tools and hardly any time. If you’re looking for the latter, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven simple DIY projects you can complete in two hours or less.
Arm-knit scarf
Give the gift of warmth this holiday season in the form of a stylish, arm-knit scarf. DIY enthusiast and Simply Maggie blogger Amanda Bassetti offers an easy-to-follow tutorial and YouTube video demonstration for knitting a thick yarn scarf […]

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Household Materials You Can Transform into DIY Coasters

Coasters play a key role in protecting hardwood tabletops and other nice surfaces from condensation rings and water droplets. They’re also easy to make. You can craft DIY coasters from a range of materials available for cheap from craft supply stores. If you dabble in DIY decor or other crafting, you likely already have some of them in your apartment. Here’s a list of household items and materials you can upcycle into beautiful DIY coasters.
Clay coaster ideas appear on several DIY craft and home decorating blogs. Depending what you’re aim is, you can purchase clay saucers, buy oven-bake clay, or make clay […]

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Pumpkin Carving Tips for a Better Jack-o’-lantern

The Atlantic calls pumpkins “an American obsession.” According to the National Retail Federation, 46% of American households carved one in 2016. In spite of being a nearly ubiquitous Halloween activity, pumpkin carving is by no means easy or intuitive. But with the right preparation and tools, you can carve a next-level jack o’lantern that will put your past efforts to shame.
Be a pumpkin patch pro
The perfect pumpkin carving job starts at the pumpkin patch, or wherever you acquire your pumpkin. The cardinal rule of pumpkin picking is to choose a pumpkin with a stem, preferably one that is thick and green. Pumpkins […]

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11 Strange & Beautiful Houseplants

Easy-care houseplants are all the rage these days. And many plants that require little water or sunlight to thrive have bizarre physical characteristics. As these easy-care plants grow more popular, an expanding selection is cropping up at nurseries and garden centers. Here are eleven strange, but beautiful houseplants that are gaining traction in the age of the easy-care houseplant.

1. Black Rose succulent (aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’)
Most black plants are black either because they’ve been charred or diseased. These perennial succulents, characterized by large burgundy leaves arranged in floral patterns, are an exception. This drought-tolerant plant require little water and only partial sunlight. Although greater sun […]

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Design Basics: The Art of Good Feng Shui

You’ve heard of feng shui. You might even be able to distinguish between apartment interiors decorated with feng shui principles in mind and interiors inspired by other decorating styles. But how much do you know about the ancient Chinese philosophical system? Learn more about feng shui’s origins and defining principles in this post.
Origins and History
To the best of our knowledge, feng shui originated as an astronomical device designed to find correlations between humans and the universe. Today, it is best known as a harmonizing design philosophy. The primary goal of feng shui as an art form is to improve the […]

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