Dog Friendly Restaurants Around Austin

As the weather continues to heat up in Austin, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a cold drink and nice meal outside with friends and family. The only thing that could make things better? Being able to bring your dog along for the ride! Throughout the city there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants scattered about, giving you the chance to enjoy an afternoon or evening out without having to watch the sad look in your dog’s eyes as you shut the door behind them. Instead, you can watch their eyes light up and tail wag as they jump in the backseat and […]

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Dog Park Etiquette: Keep Your Dog Safe

Dog parks are a fun place for pups (and their humans) to socialize and get some exercise. Being a dog owner, you need to take some extra precautions to ensure your dog’s safety when visiting an off-leash dog park. A bad interaction or two could potentially injure your dog physically or emotionally, causing a lot of future issues. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Dog parks are great for owners and canines living in an apartment. Getting your dog out to run free will help them burn energy, build social skills and improve their […]

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Reduce Pet Odor in Your Apartment

We all love our animals, but not always the smells they tend to leave behind in our homes. If it gets real bad, you may be embarrassed to have people over or feel like you don’t want to spend time inside. Dealing with dog- and cat-related odors is just a part of being a pet parent, but thankfully there are many things we can do to reduce unwanted smells from lingering.

Many of AMLI’s luxury apartments around the country are pet-friendly and many even have pet spas so you can keep your animals smelling, looking and feeling clean! Pet odor is something […]

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Keep Your Dog Calm this July Fourth

Along with fun and sun, the summer months also bring with them loud noises such as fireworks, which can cause our pets quite the fright. It’s natural for dogs to be afraid of loud noises. The sudden cracks and booms can overload their nervous systems, causing undue anxiety and stress. The experience of fireworks for a dog can be much different than other natural loud noises, like thunder and rain. Fireworks are closer to the ground and accompanied by bright lights and burning smells.

The loud drumming of fireworks can even cause your dog to run away. Keep in mind that fireworks can put […]

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How to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

The hottest of summer days are brutal, causing us to seek shelter in shade or refuge in air-conditioned spaces. But even those days when the weather makes the outdoors inviting to people may pose risks to pets’s health and comfort. Research, preparation, and mindfulness will help you keep your pet cool, happy and healthy during summer. Start with these essential tips for enjoying the outdoors with your pets’s health and comfort in mind.
Know your breed’s needs
Cats and dogs with thin, short coats and those with roots in warmer climates tend to tolerate heat better than Himalayan cats, huskies, and other cold weather and mountain breeds. But […]

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