Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

Long-distance travel is stressful any time of year. With more people traveling and holiday-related pressures on your mind, however, holiday season travel has the potential to be especially nerve-racking. To help you prepare for, mitigate, and manage the stress you experience when traveling to spend the holidays with family or friends, we’ve compiled some tips.
Use lists
The holiday season is hectic, a time of year during which you can hardly be expected to keep track of everything you need to do without a planner or to-do list. Make a list of everything you need to buy or do before you leave […]

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8 Essential Packing Tips Used by Travel Experts

Years of traveling with more than you need will make you crave a smaller and lighter bag. Packing needs, of course, vary from trip to trip. A light packing job for one out-of-town excursion can look entirely different from a light packing job for another. What all light packing jobs have in common is they’re driven by a goal of packing as little as possible while ensuring the packer has everything he or she really needs.

Whether you’re packing for a three-day business trip or a two-week vacation, keep these tips in mind to keep the size and weight of your baggage down.
1. […]

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Seven Enticing Weekend Getaway Destinations Near Houston

While we’ve endured enough rain and flooding in the past month to make it feel like hurricane season has come and gone, we’re only a week into summer. Still, summer will be gone before we know it. Do you have any trips planned yet?

If not, and you want to keep vacation costs down, consider one of these regional weekend getaways near Houston. […]

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Six Island Paradises in South Florida

When you live close to truly spectacular places that people travel thousands of miles to see, it’s amazing how easy it is to never visit them yourself. If you’ve lived in a South Florida apartment for years and haven’t done much exploring of the parks, beaches, and islands at your fingertips, there’s no time like the present to start. Here are some special island and peninsular beach destinations that can be reached quickly and easily. […]

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Four Quiet and Rejuvenating Southern California Retreat Destinations

Where contrasting stimuli are concerned, Southern California has it all. From the frenetic energy of family-friendly Disneyland to romantic wine country villas in Temecula Valley, Southern California is flush with a range of recreational offerings. And that’s before you throw the beach and water sports into the mix.

The next time you want to get away, consider one of these relaxing and relatively secluded retreats. […]

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