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We all have that one greasy meal we hate to love, and can’t help but savor every bite. It might be the cheeseburger you know is taking five years off your life. It could be the deep-fried Oreo’s you devoured at last year’s state fair. Or maybe it’s the onion rings at your favorite restaurant you can’t stop thinking about. Heck, it might even be the plate of nachos with which you ceremoniously treat yourself after a long work week.

Bottom line: everyone has a greasy food they love.

Here are some of the best greasy foods to make at home that we found scouring the internet’s best recipe source — Pinterest. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a cheat day. Out of courtesy to your gut, we’ve rated these bad boys from “greasy” to “greasiest.”

Consider this article a judgment-free zone. But do enjoy at your own risk!


Don’t let the low ranking mislead you. These foods are still greasy, but they are just not as greasy as the rest. For a food to be truly grease-free, we’d have to put celery or cucumbers here, and that just wouldn’t work.


Now we’re getting to the real deal, here. These foods aren’t quite heart-stopping yet, but it’s probably not a bad idea to go on a juice cleanse afterward, either.


Eat at your own joy and peril. These recipes are inspired by state fair snacks and bacon-wrapped everything. We promise you’ll feel good making these, but likely not the same after eating them. There is a time for everything, however, and these culinary journeys promise to be an experience.

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