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How I Battle For My Wife's Interest Against Pinterest

Jan 14th, 2013

I’ve been married for about three and a half months. Honestly, I never thought it would happen this fast. I never thought she would lose interest at such a blinding speed. But, alas, I’m up against a foe of epic proportions. I call my new nemesis by its DNS – given (I call it a slew of other names under my breath).

Don’t let its cute red font trick you, Pinterest is a worthy adversary. Although I find myself to be a fairly fascinating person, I’m not sure I can ever compare to this social photo sharing website.  Quite frankly, it is far too alluring, quirky, and clever. I could quote Shakespearean sonnets, make my pectoral muscles dance around like two little caffeinated Chihuahuas, or cook up a grandiose feast, but I think it is far too late. I believe she is already addicted.

There are two types of people reading this right now. Type 1: People who are asking, “What is this that you speak of?” And Type 2: If you are part of this group, you are probably a woman, you are a registered user of Pinterest, and you will immediately abandon reading the rest of this article to go take another drag on your digital drug, because you understand the addicting nature of the beast.

If you are in the first group, I beg of you not to head over to right now. If you do, you will not come back. Like my boss says, “I can’t use that site during work! I’ll lose track of time!” She says this as if she had no choice in the matter, as if she were sucked into a vortex and spit back out into her office chair eight hours later.

For those of you still with me, I’ll do my best to explain to you why Pinterest is much more interesting than me. Try to imagine hundreds of thousands of thought-provokingcutefunny, and chic photos stacked up in one place, and you can look at any of them in a moment. I realize now that I will never be able to compete with this – I have one look, one face, and it isn’t getting any better to look at. Now you can start pinning all of these remarkable photos to your wall into any category your heart desires. Pinterest calls these categories your “boards,” and unlike in the real world, you never run out of space, and your boards can never get cluttered with these pictures because they are organized neatly and nicely by these evil geniuses.  My closest friends would not use “neat,” “organized,” and “categorized” as terms to describe me.

Many of the images on Pinterest came from some other site on the internet. So as you browse Pinterest and you see things you like, you can click-through to the site where it came from. Do those cupcakes look scrumptious? Click through to the recipe. Think you would like that amazing shelving system made out of pipes to decorate your home office? Yeah, just click-through and follow the Do-It-Yourself instructions. I’ve come home multiple times to see my wife sitting on the couch browsing Pinterest with my iPad, and I can always tell when she has found yet another DIY project that she will be starting soon. Those are the nights where she sweetly asks me, “Would you mind making dinner tonight?” Her sweet southern voice manipulates me easily, and I have to call her away from Pinterest to come eat her dinner like a parent trying to pry their 5 year old away from a new toy.

If all that wasn’t enough, now pile on a layer of social toppings. That’s right, you can share your favorite images with your friends on Facebook, tweet them, and even embed your choice images on your blog. Sadly, I have no social toppings (*single tear*)

Earlier tonight, when I told my beautiful wife that I was going to write an article regarding Pinterest, I asked her, “Baby, what do you like about Pinterest?” She answered, “I LOVE Pinterest because…”

Currently, she is browsing We are happily married, and she promises me I will always own her interest over Pinterest.

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