Volunteer Opportunities in Atlanta

With the new year underway, everyone has a resolution that they are trying to stick to, or a habit they’re trying to kick. Whether it’s getting in shape, saving money or going on that dream vacation—we all have a goal we are looking to works towards. For some, that means giving back to the community. Atlanta provides countless ways to give back to those in need, ranging from helping the homeless to protecting Atlanta-area forests. By volunteering, you will be gaining insight, making new friends and helping others. Check out some of Atlanta’s most popular organizations below, and get hands-on […]

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Family Fun Things To Do in Chicago

Looking for activities to do with the little ones? While the Windy City is brewing with plenty of attractions for people of all ages, it’s a relatively an easy area to navigate with children. So, when your kids are tired of being cooped up in the apartment and ready to get out and explore, make sure to take them to these places!
Willis Tower Skydeck
A short 20-minute walk from our Printers Row apartments will bring you to Willis Tower (or Sears Tower if you’d prefer). It’s the second tallest building in the United States and stands at 1,353 feet above the ground. A […]

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Out & About: Things to do in February 2019

February is rolling in, love is in the air and AMLI has got your monthly itinerary covered. So, grab your pen and planner and start making things happen. Here’s a list of what to do around AMLI’s apartments for this month!
Feb. 2: Family Reggae Musical
Featuring music from Bob Marley, make your way out to the Synchronicity Theatre, where you can learn the tale of Ziggy, an island boy learning to overcome his fear of evil spirits and tropical storms so he can step outside, enjoy the sun and learn that “every little thing, gonna be alright.” Tickets start at $11, be […]

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Finding the Best Tex-Mex around River Oaks

When it comes to finding some of the best Tex-Mex Houston has to offer, you may be pleasantly surprised (or already in the know) that there are more than a few hot spots close to many apartments in Midtown Houston. All within a 20-minute drive, these restaurants range from laid back and relaxed, to upscale and unique. By definition, Tex-Mex is the hybrid of American and Mexican dishes, often times adding a flare and flavor to your palate that will keep you coming back for more. Using the main ingredients from Mexican cooking, Tex-Mex includes more emphasis on meat, leaving you with […]

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How to Spend Your Rainy Day in Seattle

There’s no denying it—much of living in Seattle is learning to live with dampness and rain when you’re not in the sunny stretch of summer that might’ve made you move here in the first place. Even though and noticing the familiar rainfall that has once again gotten in the way of your outdoor festivities for the day. Now what? While the rain in Seattle might put a damper on your day (pun intended), there are still plenty of activities that you can busy yourself with.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in fine art or fossils from the dinosaur age, Seattle has […]

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