7 Nutrition Myths You Should Ignore

Can you think of a time you accepted something you heard as truth, only to find out months or years later it’s not true at all? Just about all of us can. And when it comes to the world of diet and nutrition, even conventional wisdom isn’t always sound. Here are some widely circulated nutrition “rules” that have been thoroughly debunked. Spread the word.
1. Carbs make you fat
According to the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines, 45 to 65 percent of our caloric intake should come from carbohydrates. Unfortunately, this does not mean you should gorge on bread, pasta, and cake at every meal. […]

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14 Tips to Improve Your Next Online Apartment Search

Having a plan during your search for an apartment can save you money and help you get the place you really want. We’ve listed some things you might want to consider.

Time it right
The rental market moves fast, particularly during the late spring to summer. Most private landlords and property managers require 30 to 60 days’ notice from their current tenants. Starting your search too soon is likely to result in fewer apartments, while searching too late gives other renters the competitive edge. Find the sweet spot by getting serious about your apartment search a few months before your […]

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4 Ways to Transform Your Studio Apartment

Most people think of studio apartments as the small, cramped spaces meant for young tenants who can’t yet afford larger accommodations. However, there are many ways that a studio apartment can be improved. With many people embracing a lifestyle of minimalism, studios have also lost some of their “cheap and cramped” reputation. Here are four easy ways you can make your studio apartment into a more manageable and livable space.
Use open space to your advantage
Studio apartments may be smaller than multi-bedroom units in terms of square footage, but their open floor plans offer some real opportunities when it comes to […]

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Watching the Congress Bridge Bats

So you want to see 1.5 million bats take off from their “cave” under Austin’s South Congress Bridge? Or perhaps you’ve done it before. Maybe you’d like to secure a better vantage point or to be better prepared the next time around. Regardless your interest, it’s worth the sight. Learn more about this visually stunning phenomenon and how to get the most out of the Congress Bridge bat experience here.
Who are the Congress Bridge bats?
Mexican free-tailed bats, also known as Brazilian free-tailed bats, roost in extraordinarily large numbers. In peak season, the population under Austin’s Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue […]

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Recipe of the Month: Renuka’s Eggplant Korma

We’ve got to hand it to Renuka, one of our residents at AMLI Galatyn Station. The presentation of her recipe for our AMLI EATS contest held last fall was one of the most well-composed entries we received. For her efforts, she took home the regional prize for the Dallas region.

Like much food from the Indian subcontinent, Renuka’s winning recipe is vegan-friendly. Replacing the meat here is eggplant, and coupled with a hearty addition of cashew paste, this dish has more than enough protein for a well-rounded meal. Those wishing to add some may do so without altering the recipe. However, be […]

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