How to Stay Motivated Working From Your Apartment

Working from home when you live in an apartment can be difficult. There are distractions all around and it’s easy to get your work life all mixed into your home life. Whether you work from home full-time or you have a job that allows for remote work on certain days of the week, we have a few tips for staying motivated. There are many ways that renters can create a workspace in their apartments that inspires them to be highly productive. Here’s how to stay motivated working from your apartment.
Separate space
When you think about working from your apartment, you might conjure up images of […]

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Visit This Historic House in Evanston

Learning about the history of our community can not only be eye-opening, but exciting for all ages. The Chicago area is overflowing with history and is becoming more and more of a global, thriving metropolitan area everyday, with people from far and wide coming to live, work and study. A trip to the Charles Gates Dawes House, which is just a mile from our Evanston luxury apartments, is a must for any history buff, offering much to discover just a bit north of Chicago.
Admission to the Dawes House includes a tour of the nostalgic home once owned by former vice president Charles Gates Dawes, who […]

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Where to Get Cold-Pressed Juice in Houston

Cold-pressed juice has been all the rage for a while now, and more and more juice bars have been popping up all over Houston. The juices served at these spots tend to come packed with nutrients geared toward fighting toxins, boosting the immune system and improving our overall health. While cold-pressed juice is refreshing enough on its own, it’s also perfect for busy people needing a quick, easy way to consume enough fruits and vegetables in their diet.

One of our favorites is Nourish Juice Bar, located within walking distance from our Memorial Heights apartments, because it provides some of the best cold-pressed juices, smoothies, fruit smoothie bowls and healthy eats […]

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Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Costs This Winter

Heating and cooling your apartment, especially in regions with greater shifts in temperature, can be one of the more expensive elements of your utility bill. If you want to lower your footprint on the planet or just want to save on your monthly bill, reducing your energy use will help you get there. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to reduce the energy consumption in your apartment while also maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. Here are a few simple ways you can reduce energy costs this winter.
Adjust the thermostat
A big way to reduce your energy cost this winter is to decrease the temperature inside […]

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Ways to Stay Green During the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, there are many traditions that are easy to put a green spin on. From shopping, traveling, decorating and gift-giving, there are ways to be kinder to our planet while still being in the holiday spirit. Decorating our apartments for the holidays and throwing parties with loved ones can lead to higher than normal amounts of garbage to dispose of and more electricity use. We have to do our part to make sustainable choices for our planet and our future. Here are a few ways to stay green during the holidays.
Energy-saving holiday lights
Holiday string lights make your tree […]

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