Recipe of the Month: Charlie’s Authentic Asian Coke Pork Belly

Coca-Cola isn’t the first ingredient you think to add to your crock pot recipe. It certainly shouldn’t be the last either. Turns out, America’s favorite soft drink packs a ton of flavor into this easy dish.

All you need are the ingredients and an electric crock pot, then you’re ready to go. Beyond slicing the pork belly meat and a few vegetables, the effort that goes into cooking here is fairly minimal. Charlie, a resident at AMLI Dadeland, took the easy route here. Other recipes have you cook the dish in the oven and some call for cooking on the stove in a […]

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Atlanta’s Happiest Happy Hours

Atlanta’s nightlife has a solid reputation. But it’s not just nights that are good for going out on the town in Atlanta. If you like to wind down over a refreshing drink or snack before returning to your apartment in the evening, end your workday right at one of these ATL happy hour destinations.

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10 Degrees South
Fine dining, South African style, is 10 Degrees South’s hallmark. The restaurant, less than 10 minutes’ drive from AMLI 3464, serves $5 craft cocktails most evenings. On Mondays, wine is the […]

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Golf’s Role in Sunrise, FL History

At the time it was incorporated, Sunrise was in a relatively remote and picturesque part of Broward County. Land was abundant and affordable, making it attractive for golf course development. Proximity to Everglades National Park probably also helped.

From its founding as a golf village in 1961, the city of Sunrise has had a strong connection to the sport. Here’s a look at the role golf played in Sunrise’s development and an overview of the options golfers have in and around the city today.
From Sunrise Golf Village to City of Sunrise
At the time Sunrise Golf Village was incorporated in 1961, the […]

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Which Clothes Really Need Dry Cleaning?

How many times has that dreaded “dry clean only” label deterred you from purchasing a dress, jacket, or sweater you really like? Some clothes really should only be dry cleaned. But much of what’s in your wardrobe can be washed at home without risk of harm, even if the care instructions recommend dry cleaning. Let’s take a look at clothing materials for which dry cleaning is often recommended but not always necessary.
Known as “the golden fleece,” cashmere has been a prized clothing material for several centuries. Cashmere clothing almost always comes with instructions to dry clean, but very few cashmere items actually require […]

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AMLI on Riverside Achieves LEED Gold Certification

We’re more than happy to announce that AMLI on Riverside has recently achieved LEED Gold certification. AMLI on Riverside is one of the newest sustainability-focused luxury apartment communities in the Las Colinas area of Irving, TX.

Attaining LEED Gold status has been a goal at AMLI on Riverside since its inception. The community is designed to use 32-percent less energy and 22-percent less water than most apartment buildings of its size, and incorporates healthy, sustainable building materials to ensure a safe living environment for residents and the neighborhood at-large. The building also utilizes premium-quality air filters and state-of-the-art ventilation to give […]

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