7 Scenic Summer Drives Near Atlanta

Georgia has a rich and fascinating history, awe-inspiring coastline, and some spectacular countryside. Thus it is only natural that the Peach State is home to several of America’s great scenic drives. The coastal route from Savannah to St. Mary’s is a stunner, especially the stretch from Meridian to Brunswick. But there are several scenic drives closer to Atlanta as well. If you’re looking for a scenic drive to take this summer that won’t require you to spend the night anywhere, consider one of these exhilarating drives less than two hours from the Georgia capital.
Appalachian Foothills Parkway
This scenic drive begins in Canton, […]

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7 Crafty DIY Coffee Table Ideas

Even if you don’t drink coffee, a coffee table is an essential furnishing for any living room. If you don’t have one or are not keen on the coffee table you have, it’s time to change that. An online browsing session or furniture store visit is likely to take care of this problem. But if you’re crafty and have a few free hours in the near future, you can make one yourself. Here are some simple and creative DIY coffee table ideas to inspire you.
Repurposed Suitcase Coffee Table
If you’re into the hipster aesthetic, this DIY coffee table idea could be […]

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Miami’s Best Gas Station Restaurants

When you think about where to find good food, a gas station restaurant is probably not the first place to come to mind. Food options at most gas stations consist of chips, jerky, soda, and other snacks. When there are restaurants in gas stations, they’re usually slimmed-down versions of multinational food chains. In Miami, these gas station food options certainly exist. But the Magic City is also home to several highly regarded restaurants that you can only find in gas stations. Here are some of our favorites.
Asian Thai Kitchen
This Coconut Grove Kwik Stop restaurant isn’t just exceptional for a convenience […]

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Find Serenity at These Tranquil SoCal Spots

Los Angeles occupies a large swathe of beautiful, bountiful land. But like any large city, L.A. can feel chaotic, crowded, and polluted. If you’re itching for a taste of the serene but don’t have the time to venture somewhere too remote, enjoy some peace and quiet at these SoCal sights.
Amir’s Garden
In 1970, a wildfire blazed across part of Griffith Park. In its wake, wine merchant and avid hiker Amir Dialameh petitioned the city for permission to revegetate and firebreak the area by planting a garden. The city approved Dialameh’s request, and he spent the following 12 years cultivating the garden. […]

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Inspiring Health and Wellness Blogs to Follow

Everyone can benefit from having a health guru. But it can get overwhelming with so much literature available about healthy eating and maintaining a fitness regimen. Well, we’re here to help narrow down the search for information that’s both accurate and pertinent to your everyday life. While this list is far from complete, here are some health blogs you can count on for well-researched, well-written content and healthy living inspiration.

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24 Carrot Life
Katie started this food-centric health blog four years ago to show readers that eating healthy, eating […]

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