Miramar’s Best Community Parks

Miramar’s Parks and Recreation Department maintains and operates more than 40 parks designated for public use. A handful of these are large parks with playing fields and other recreational facilities. Many of them are smaller, neighborhood parks with playgrounds and picnic areas. To familiarize yourself with the Miramar parks system, read about some of the department’s points of pride and highlights below.
Ansin Sports Complex
Ansin Sports Complex is clean, beautiful, and impressive. The 24-acre complex contains a well-maintained track, stadium with capacity for 5,000 spectators, and multiple playing fields and courts for basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, and football. In 2015, a state-of-the-art fitness center opened […]

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How to Brew Better Coffee at Home

Cutting-edge espresso machines cost a fortune, but so does buying a $4 cup of coffee every day for a year. Do you currently get your morning coffee at a cafe because it tastes or works much better than coffee you brew at home? With a mid-range coffeemaker, some high-quality beans, and the tips provided below, you can brew much better coffee in your apartment. You’ll save money in the long run. And knowing that morning jolt is waiting for you in your kitchen may help you spring out of bed easier and be more productive during your morning routine.
Buy quality beans
Several factors […]

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10 Reasons Ventura County is a Great Place to Live

Selling Ventura County to prospective residents is easy. If you haven’t visited or spent much time in this beautiful and prosperous part of Southern California and are thinking about relocating, you probably want to know what’s on offer before you sign a lease and call the moving van. Here’s a list of things Ventura County has going for it that make it a desirable place to call home.
There aren’t many places in the country that can validly claim to have amazing weather year-round. Ventura County certainly can. The City of Ventura has an average temperature of just under 61 degrees, […]

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Out & About: Things to Do in February

One of the final months of winter is here. Why not reward yourself with something fun and out-of-the-ordinary to do? Getting out of the house is the name of the game in winter and key to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Well, we’ve got a bevvy of activities for you able to accomplish just that. This month is filled with cultural celebrations such as the Lunar New Year, Black History Month, and Carnaval, as well as the return of some of our favorite marathons and runs from around the country.

Find something new to do near your AMLI apartment this […]

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Recipe of the Month: Melanie’s Four Square Family Pizza

This isn’t your average pizza. This pie combines four different types of non-traditional pizzas into one delicious smorgasbord. The flavors might be different, but they all share the same dough, making this the perfect treat for a party. Whether you follow this recipe by AMLI North Point resident Melanie, or simply take away the concept and create your own four square pizza, it might just be the innovative recipe you need to stir your culinary creativity.

Fair warning here—this recipe will take some time if you’re making it all from scratch. Still, a pizza that combines barbecue chicken, Philly cheesesteak, and Italian […]

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