How to Keep Your Wood Floors Looking Great When You Have Pets and Kids

Hardwood flooring is unmatched in its ability to lend beauty, elegance, and value to the inside of your home. As beautiful as it is, it can quickly succumb to damages inflicted by your children and pets. Use these four easy steps to keep your wooden floors looking their best.
Clean the floor daily
Your kids and pets may drag in all sorts of debris like pebbles, sand, and dirt on the bottoms of their feet. This debris can grind into you wood flooring and cause scratches, streaks, and other unsightly damages.

You can protect your floors and help them look their best by […]

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Tips for Washing Windows and Walls

You might not love washing windows and walls, but these deep cleaning chores can make the difference between a neat apartment and a sparkling clean living space. Tend to spills and other messes as soon as they’re made, and you shouldn’t need to wash your walls more than once or twice a year. Windows should be washed about twice as frequently. If your windows and walls could use a good cleaning now, set aside a block of time this upcoming weekend to do so. And follow these tips while you’re at it. If your windows and walls are spot- and grime-free, […]

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Atlanta’s Best Outdoor Concert Venues

If you’re a fan of live music, hardly anything beats rocking out to a band you like in the open air on a nice summer day. Thankfully for concertgoers, Atlanta has several outdoor venues that host local talent and international sensations alike. Here’s a look at some of the largest and most popular outdoor concert venues in the ATL.

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Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood
The largest outdoor concert venue on Atlanta’s south side, Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood hosts concerts and festivals all summer long. You can catch classic rock, country, indie, […]

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L.A.’s Top Comedy Clubs

Los Angeles’ reputation for improvisational and stand-up comedy is not as strong as Chicago’s or New York’s. But the City of Angels does comedy remarkably well. Plenty of quick-witted performers live in Southern California, and most of the world’s funniest comedians visit and take to the stage at least occasionally. If you’re keen to spend an evening drowning in laughter, consider these esteemed comedy venues.
Comedy Central Stage
You know the network, but did you know Comedy Central owns and operates a stage in Los Angeles? It’s in the back of Hudson Theatres. The Comedy Central Stage hosts the monthly Sit N’ […]

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How to Wind Down Before Bed

In an age where most of us look at digital screens from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed, winding down and shutting off your brain can be harder than ever. According to National Sleep Foundation research, nearly 50 percent of Americans have trouble sleeping at least one night a week. If you have trouble getting to bed at a reasonable hour or are not getting the quality sleep you need, here are some tips for winding down and resting easy.
Power down electronics 30 minutes before bed
Laptop and smartphone screens are not relaxing for your eyes, even if the images […]

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