Creating Your Home Office Space

For those who have the privilege to work from home, the benefits at first are seemingly endless. Not only is there flexibility with your hours, but you may be able to develop a better work/life balance. You’ll no longer need to waste time or gas commuting back and forth from the office, giving you additional time to spend with friends and family. Likewise, those who work from home often times are fulfilling their responsibilities in less stressful environments. At home, you won’t have your boss watching your every move and you’ll be able to check your phone every once in […]

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Out & About: Things To Do in May 2019

With the sun staying out longer and longer every day, the temperature continues to climb, and the spring and summer activities taking place around AMLI’s apartments are only just beginning. Wondering what to add to your calendar for the month of May? We’ve got a few ideas. Read on to learn more!
May 14: Science on Tap
Taking place from 6-9pm, this adults-only event is part of the Georgia Aquarium’s science lecture series. Enjoy light appetizers and casual conversation from 6-7pm before sitting down for the presentation. This lecture’s topic is “How the Mysteries of the Deep Sea Challenges Everything We Know About Life.” […]

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Visit Lone Tree Brewing Company

Whether you’ve had a long day at work or have been running around all day wrapping up errands, there’s nothing quite like an ice cold beer to help you unwind. And at Lone Tree Brewing Company, that’s exactly what you’ll get. As you enter into this European-style craft brewery, you’ll notice friends catching up, co-workers cheers-ing to another long day completed and families playing board games. Open seven days a week, Lone Tree Brewing Co. provides you with the option to tour the brewery, visit the tasting room and, of course, drink plenty of beer! With friendly service, great beer and […]

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How to Practice Sustainable Eating

As more and more people are hopping on the bandwagon and working towards healthier lifestyles, many are transitioning towards cooking and eating more sustainably as well. But what does that mean? Simply put, sustainable eating is about choosing foods that are healthier for not only our body but also the environment. Rather than consuming processed foods you may see at the supermarket, sustainable eating focuses more directly on plant-based and fresh, wholesome options. In this article, we’re going to break down the benefits of sustainable eating and how simple changes in your eating and cooking habits can create a happier […]

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Dog Friendly Restaurants Around Austin

As the weather continues to heat up in Austin, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a cold drink and nice meal outside with friends and family. The only thing that could make things better? Being able to bring your dog along for the ride! Throughout the city there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants scattered about, giving you the chance to enjoy an afternoon or evening out without having to watch the sad look in your dog’s eyes as you shut the door behind them. Instead, you can watch their eyes light up and tail wag as they jump in the backseat and […]

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