AMLI Park Broadway: New Apartments in Downtown Long Beach

Looking for a new place to call home near Long Beach? Try the newest apartments in downtown Long Beach at AMLI Park Broadway! As one of our latest luxury communities, each apartment is designed to incorporate state-of-the-art amenities, while boasting a fantastic, convenient downtown location near the beach. Blending Long Beach’s vibrant waterfront scene with plenty of restaurants, attractions and more—this is the perfect spot for those looking to work hard and play (or relax) harder.

Available floor plans include studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom layouts with expansive square footage, giving you all of the space needed to sleep, study and live comfortably. Many units include floor-to-ceiling […]

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AMLI National Electronics Recycling Drive Contest

Recycling your old and used electronics can be a drag. Especially if you’ve got an old laptop or stack of phones you’ve been lugging from apartment to apartment over the years. While throwing these items in the trash will certainly rid them from the bottom of your closet, this method of disposal is less than ideal.

For starters, all that plastic and electronic hardware is going to take a long time to degrade. Like, on the order of thousands of years. Then, there’s all the toxic stuff inside. Chemicals from the battery could leak into the soil and groundwater, and even […]

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Making Your Way Through Wynwood

Just north of downtown Miami, Wynwood is a vibrant neighborhood known for its prominent entertainment district. Wynwood is comprised of two major areas, an arts district and a fashion district that each have their own unique institutions, festivities and sense of style. The neighborhood is best explored on foot, all to better take in the abundant, colorful murals that decorate the buildings and hop around the many restaurants waiting to entertain your taste buds. With so much to do in this rapidly growing community, it can take some planning to figure out your starting point and how you’d like to spend your day. Should you bar hop across […]

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Minimalist Design Ideas

There’s not much better than walking into a tidy and organized apartment at the end of a long day. Whether you had a to-do list that was a mile long at work or ran around town all day completing errands, entering into a well-kept home will allow you to kick your feet up and unwind. Living in an uncluttered space has been shown to not only create more organization in your life, but it’s also been revealed to reduce your stress and increase your productivity levels. And while keeping your apartment clean may require daily effort, you can simplify the […]

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3 Places to Go Outdoors Near Woodland Hills, California

In a place where the sun is (mostly) shining, it’s nearly impossible to resist the urge to get outside and explore. And while Southern California is known for beautiful beaches and the picturesque locales like Malibu and Santa Monica, Woodland Hills is a neighborhood that combines the best of both worlds in its quiet, lush neighborhood. Bordering Calabasas and Tarzana, Woodland Hills includes high-end shopping, a delicious local food scene and lively night life for entertainment. At the same time, this beautiful community is known for its rolling landscapes and a host of outdoor activities that are sure to give […]

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