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48-Hour Service Guarantee

48 Hour Service Guarantee Logo When you live at AMLI, you’ll have more time to live life, because AMLI makes living worry-free. Among other things, this means making sure that you have a well-maintained apartment home.

But we know that sometimes things happen. And when they do, AMLI’s 48-hour service guarantee is there to make sure your apartment is back to normal as soon as possible. In simple terms, we will complete routine service requests within 48 hours, or you live rent-free.

What does this mean?
If AMLI fails to satisfy a Guaranteed Service Request within 48 hours (two working days), AMLI will credit your next month’s rental payment one day’s rent for each day the problem remains unsolved. The pledge covers all Guaranteed Service Requests submitted Monday through Friday. Submissions after 4:00 p.m. and on holidays will be considered to have been placed the following business day at 8:00 a.m.

A Guaranteed Service Request means the following items will be maintained in good working condition: stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, smoke alarms, electrical systems, garbage disposals, heating and air-conditioning equipment, hot water heaters, toilets, running water, door and window locks, and AMLI-owned ceiling fans, microwaves and washer/dryer units.

A Priority Service Request covers essential and critical items such as: no electricity, clogged toilet (regardless of the number of toilets in the apartment), plumbing or water throughout the apartment; water flooding into the apartment; no heat or air-conditioning; smoke alarms; hot water heaters; refrigerators not working, breezeway lights (because burned out breezeway lights are not specifically related to an individual apartment, this is not a GSR); and situations where access to the apartment may be compromised.

How does the Guarantee work?
If the work is not completed within 48 hours on any Guaranteed or Priority Service Request, your rent credit will begin the day you notify Management that the request was not completed or that work completed did not resolve the problem (you must notify Management within seven days of the original request). If you have a second request for the same problem within one week after a repair has been made, your rent credit will begin on the date of the second request. Your rent credit will continue until your guaranteed request has been completed. Of course, AMLI’s Service Policy is based on Management’s ability to access the apartment during normal business hours and on the proper use and care of equipment and appliances by the resident.

AMLI pledges to respond to all service requests within 48 hours. Unfortunately, some requests will take more than 48 hours for completion due to subcontractor or supplier involvement.

A Non-Guaranteed Service Request includes items such as roofs, flashing, sealing, floor covering and wall covering replacements or repairs, foundation and structural repairs, siding, utilities, internet, cable, master antennae system, telephones, and items out of our control.

What do you need to do?
If you need assistance with an item covered under our Guaranteed Service Request process, submit your request online for prompt attention.

For Priority Service Requests, please call the office. Do not submit your request online.

Service requests can be submitted online on AMLI’s resident portal.