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Luxer One Package Rooms

Luxer One LogoAMLI has partnered with Luxer One at many of its communities allowing our residents to get their packages more easily and efficiently. This is the future of package delivery, and AMLI is proud to be one of the first to offer it as an amenity to our residents. AMLI expects to offer these state-of-the-art controlled access package delivery rooms at over 40 of its communities in 2016.

The concept is simple: Delivery service personnel deliver and log each package directly to a controlled access package room; residents then receive an email or text message with a unique access code informing them that a package has been delivered for them; and packages are picked up at the resident’s convenience. Everyone who lives at a participating AMLI community will have FREE access to this service, and our residents love it!

See how it works here:

For those AMLI Communities without a Luxer One package room, we work to distribute our residents’ packages as conveniently and efficiently as possible.