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Rent Payment Options

Easy Pay
Save paper and time by choosing one of AMLI’s easy payment options. No more writing checks or worrying about late fees.

One-Time Online Payment
On the run, out of town, or just too busy to get to the leasing office? Go to to access your community’s resident portal and choose the Pay Rent option. You can enter a one-time online payment using your U.S. checking or savings account and schedule the day you would like it to process. You can choose to pay current balance, upcoming balance, or both.

Recurring Pre-Authorized Payment
Want to set up a payment to process automatically so you can just sit back and forget about it? Go to to access your community’s resident portal and choose the Pay Rent and Recurring Payments option. This option will allow you to pay the full balance due each month, or multiple residents in the same unit can have the ability to split the monthly balance by a percentage. The multiple percentage-based payments must equal 100% in order to process.

Credit Card Payment by Phone
Trying to get those bonus miles or other rewards on your credit card? Just call 866-289-5977 to make a payment over the phone with your credit card. There is a convenience fee associated with credit card payments, and payment must be for balance in full.

Cash burning a hole in your pocket? You can go to to access your community’s resident portal, or stop by the leasing office to print a coupon that you can take to several retail outlets to pay your rent with cash. Pay the balance due at the retail outlet, and it will automatically send the payment to AMLI. No more having to go get a paper money order. You can use that same coupon every month.

We hope you take advantage of these payment alternatives that will save you time and reduce environmental waste. AMLI is always looking for ways to be green and make your life a little easier.