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Renter’s Insurance

We want you to be an informed resident. Renter's insurance is a program that protects your personal belongings from damage and you from liability for your actions.

Why do you need renter's insurance?

  • To protect yourself from liability
  • To safeguard your property and valuables
  • To protect and recover your possessions in the event of a loss
  • To financially protect yourself
  • To quickly and easily receive payment for claims
  • To provide you with temporary living coverage if your residence is damaged
  • Simply put, you need renter's insurance for your peace of mind!

AMLI/E-Renters Apartment Communities:

AMLI has partnered with eRenterPlan and ResidentInsure to make low cost renter’s insurance available to our residents at participating communities.

Choose your region then select your apartment community below to receive your preferred insurance quote and to learn more about renter’s insurance.