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10 Lavish Apartment Décor Ideas for Fall and Winter

Oct 5th, 2012

Looking to lavishly redecorate your Amli apartment for cooler weather? Transform your apartment and create a luxurious feel perfect for the fall and winter season with these simple tips!

1. Color: An easy and simple way to transform your apartment into a cozy abode for the fall and winter could be to simply change up the colors in your apartment! You can’t go wrong with wine-tones, shades of orange, red or rich browns. This transformation can be completed simply by exchanging your current throw pillows with new pillows that and follow your new color palette.

2. Wool: Find a small, plaid blanket that you can put onto your dining table, then lay a smaller one over it to contrast and add a hint of style. You can also use wool curtains for your windows that match the color tone of your living area, or whichever room the windows are in. Add an extra elegant touch and drape a wool throw over your couch.

3. Use of space: It’s natural to feel cooped up indoors during the fall and winter, so refresh the interior of your apartment by changing around your furniture. When done right, it could make your home look more luxurious too. Move your furniture away from the walls and bring them toward a focal point, such as a fireplace, creating an intimate and cozy area to talk with guests in your apartment.

4. Winter Whites: Another great color that you can use in your designing scheme is white; perfect for the winter! Include a white rug under your coffee table, or fill up that empty vase with white seasonal flowers then set it in your entryway. Viola! The perfect winter entryway decoration.

5. Citrus: Use fresh fruit to add an easy and affordable way to create a lavish décor in your home! It’s smart to use citrus fruits such as oranges, limes and lemons because they will last longer. Enhance the arrangement by adding evergreen branches then place above your fireplace.

6. Wreaths: Personalize a wreath with dried fruit or foliage to keep it festive AND lavish. Use spray-paint to give it some extra holiday cheer. Try using gold to paint the fruit and spray-paint the wreath a crisp metallic charcoal to contrast and create a more personalized feel.

7. Candles: Create your own unique candle holders to display in your apartment. This provides an intimate ambiance, perfect for colder seasons. You can place small candles into a clear glass container and surround it with unshelled nuts. These can be placed anywhere and provide a perfect sense of lavish simplicity.

8. Kitchen: Take advantage of the small elements of decoration in your kitchen, such as hand-towels and placemats, to enhance the look of your kitchen. You can use this as an opportunity to include color to coordinate with the throws on your dining room table. Coordination is essential in decorating and makes your home look up-scale and put together.

9. Art: Look into purchasing some art for your bedroom or other rooms. Use the same color palette of warm winter tones and if it’s a painting you can put it into a deep chestnut colored frame to really make it stand out!

10. Potpourri: Potpourri is great for this time of the year! It includes a perfect combination of scents and colors for the holidays. You can put it in a clear vase, a wooden box in your bathroom or on your bedroom dresser. Either way, it provides great effortless decoration.

Follow these steps to create a cozy and luxurious feel in your apartment this winter. Your guests won’t know what hit them when they hear that your new lavish Amli apartment décor was done by you!

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