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AMLI's Guide to South Florida

Here there's never a dull moment.

Here there's never a dull moment.

Florida Beaches

Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s hard to resist the relaxing waters, stunning sunrises and sunsets and sand that ranges from powdery smooth and white to hard-packed and dotted with seashells and other treasures.

Florida has 825 miles of beaches to choose from

restaurants & drinks

The Florida heat can tend to steer diners toward leaner cuisine, and that's just where South Florida shines. The nearby ocean provides the benefit of ample fresh seafood and the cross section of culture at the tip of the peninsula allows one to pick and choose from a palate of global tastes.

Aoki Teppanyaki and Izakaya
0.8 miles from AMLI Joya

Experience the hospitality and authenticity of a small Japanese village at Aoki Teppanyaki and Izakaya. Much of the food is prepared in the traditional Inaka style, serving an extensive range of steak and seafood dishes that are prepared right at your table.

5.8 miles from AML Dadeland

Bulla provides Spanish cuisine that’ll have you coming back for more. The menu changes with the seasons, the mimosas and sangria are bottomless during weekend brunch and excellent two- and three-course prix fixe menus are on offer during the week.

Big City Tavern
9.4 miles from AMLI Toscana Place

Pair Big City Tavern’s line of signature cocktails or their extensive list of wines with dinner for the perfect night. All the breads, pastas and desserts are made in-house, and the seafood is fresh. Their main courses range from Italian-inspired pastas to meat-centric entrees.

around the area

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