18 Fascinating Facts About Austin

How long have people lived in Austin? How did “Keep Austin Weird” become the Texas capital’s slogan? And just how exceptional is the city’s live music scene? In today’s post, we share the answers to these questions and other fascinating facts about Austin.
1. The Austin area was inhabited at least as early as 9200 BC
Stone tools and other artifacts from the late Pleistocene era have been found in present-day Austin. Archaeologists consider this proof of prehistoric Paleo-Indian Clovis culture in the area.
2. Before Austin, it was Waterloo
When present-day Austin was incorporated into the Republic of Texas in 1836, it was named Waterloo. But after Texas Vice […]

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10 Things That Should Never Go Down The Drain (And Why)

Can you imagine living without shower, sink, and toilet drains? These standard plumbing features provide conveniences many of us don’t truly appreciate until until one of our drains gets backed up. The most effective way to keep your drains in good working order is to be mindful about what goes down. Familiarize yourself with common sources of plumbing clogs and groundwater contamination, and flush and rinse accordingly. Here’s a list of 10 serial offenders to get you started.
An estimated one-third of all medication manufactured and sold in the United States goes unconsumed. While dumping it down the toilet keeps children, pets, and unprescribed adults […]

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AMLI FIT Official Contest Rules

“AMLI FIT” Promotion Official Rules

AMLI Management Company (“AMLI” or “Sponsor”) is the sponsor of the “AMLI FIT” promotion which begins at 9 a.m. (CST) on February 1, 2018, and ends at 11 p.m. (CST) on February 28, 2018 (the “Promotion Period”).

To Enter: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY IN ORDER TO ENTER.  You may enter to win the “AMLI FIT” promotion by submitting healthy living, eating, and/or fitness photos via Instagram and tagging the @AMLIonAldrich account located on the Web at http://www.instagram.com/amlionaldrich/.  A description and/or caption may be included but will have no effect on the prize selection, except that any […]

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Points of Pride for Seattle’s Green Building Movement

Seattle’s eco-friendly population and history of environmental activism make it a likely leader in green building and living initiatives. And, if the rankings are an accurate indicator, Seattle is definitely a model for sustainability. The city ranked #1 of 655 cities in a 2009 Natural Resources Defense Council survey. Since then, Seattle’s green initiatives have earned it recognition as the “smartest city in North America” (2013) by Fast Company, based on criteria measuring sustainability, connectivity, and innovation. STAR Communities ranked Seattle the most sustainable city in the nation in 2014. And rankings from Corporate Knights, EcoSalon, and The Daily Beast have named […]

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11 Famous Atlantans

Long considered the cultural capital of the South, Atlanta is no stranger to high-profile celebrities. A list of famous Atlantans throughout history would include civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and literary icon Margaret Mitchell, both born within walking distance of AMLI’s Old 4th Ward apartments. In this list, we focus on contemporary actors, authors, musicians, and media personalities. Here’s a look at 11 household names who were born, raised, or discovered in the ATL.
1. Alan Ball
Brilliant screenwriter, director and producer Alan Ball was born in Atlanta and grew up in Marietta, Georgia. Ball’s most celebrated work includes Six Feet Under, True Blood and American Beauty. […]

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