AMLI Uptown Balcony Makeover Featured on Home Depot Blog

According to Home Depot’s blog, the home improvement supplies company hand selects the best and brightest decorators and DIYers for its style challenges. At the beginning of March, certified interior decorator and AMLI Uptown resident Chári Herndon was asked to participate in Home Depot’s balcony makeover challenge, giving it a fresh and fabulous new look and feel. She enthusiastically accepted. She’d lived in apartments for 11 years, and never truly made over her own balcony or patio before. Chári decided it was time to focus on the space she had neglected most. We recently interviewed Chári about her balcony makeover. […]

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9 Delectable Craft Coffee Shops in Denver

Denver is known around the country for its outsized craft brewing scene. Thankfully for coffee snobs, the Mile-High City has also developed an exceptional craft coffee culture. If you’re looking to impress a coffee connoisseur or simply find a better cup of morning joe, try one of these third wave coffee shops.
Amethyst Coffee Company
Open since 2015, Amethyst Coffee Company serves Commonwealth Coffee and a carefully curated selection of rotating beans from other roasters. In addition to quality craft coffee, Amethyst is known for its white-and-wood geometric design and chia pudding.
Black Eye Coffee
An exposed brick wall and reclaimed wood tables give […]

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6 Ways to Stay Cool in Houston this Summer

Where living without air conditioning is concerned, there are three types of cities. There are cities in which it’s relatively easy, cities in which it’s manageable, and cities in which it’s virtually impossible. Houston falls into the third category, and not only during the months of July and August. But the summer months are especially brutal. Hopefully, your Houston apartment and workplace have reliable A/C. But if you do find yourself stuck without A/C for a while or are looking for more exciting ways to stay cool this summer, here are some ideas:
1. Splash around somewhere convenient
City planners and developers are […]

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Good for More than Lemonade: 10 Creative Uses for Lemon Juice

“I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.” – Hattie White, Jay Z’s grandmother

Lemonade, often invoked in trite motivational quotes and now evocative of Beyonce’s chart-topping album, is a drink we humans have enjoyed for some 1,000 years. But apart from making a refreshing drink on a hot day, lemon juice can be used for an array of different uses. From whitening your nails to sprucing up your glassware, lemonade is a DIY enthusiast’s dream. Here are ten creative ways you can reimagine lemonade (without the sugar and excess water) in your apartment.
1. Whiten your teeth
The citric acid in lemon acts like […]

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8 Great Baseball Bars in Chicago

Most sports bars in the Windy City’s south suburbs are dominated by White Sox fans, while Cubs find themselves in like-minded company in Chicago proper and the north suburbs. But with the 20th anniversary of the first Crosstown Classic coming up on June 16, die-hard Cubs and White Sox fans are used to watching their teams duke it out in divided company. Regardless of whether you wish to be in exclusive or mixed company, here is a list of Chicago’s most beloved baseball bars.

We’ve got a whole slew of summer cocktails, just in time for patio season! 🎉 The question […]

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