10 Ready-to-Mount Floating Shelves for Your Apartment

Functional and pleasing to the eyes, floating shelves are an ideal storage solution when space is at a premium. A range of styles, materials, and colors makes it easy to find a floating shelf that matches your decor. If you’re looking to add storage or display space to your apartment but don’t want to take on a major DIY project, here are ten ready-to-mount shelves you might like.
1. Bamboo Three-Tier Floating Shelves
Lipper International’s three-tier bamboo shelves don’t even require wall mounting. The bamboo product sits comfortably on kitchen counters and other level spaces, and can add a cabinet’s worth of storage […]

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Tips for Staying Fit When You Can’t Hit the Slopes

The Mile-High City is one of the nation’s fittest. In spite of Denver’s active population and proximity to world-class ski resorts, many residents struggle to keep trim and fit during the winter months. If you don’t get to the slopes as often as you’d like and you’re serious about your commitment to staying in shape, here are some tips for staying in prime skiing condition and not having to work too hard to get your beach body ready in time for summer.
Embrace another winter sport
Pursuing passion for a winter sport can make staying in shape over the winter as much fun as it is work. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and […]

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Chicago BYOB Restaurant Guide

Many of us would love to have a drink every time we eat out, but often abstain due to cost. BYOB restaurants afford us the opportunity to buy beer and wine at liquor store prices and enjoy them openly while dining, sometimes charging a small corking fee. Chicago is home to more BYOB restaurants than many residents are aware of, including the many favorites collected here.

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Big & Little’s
A friendly staff, quality grub, and BYOB policy make Big & Little’s a solid River North dining option. […]

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12 Businesses You’ll Find Only in Seattle

Seattle is home to several businesses that are household names the world over. But in addition to behemoths like Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks, the Emerald City has hundreds of wonderful businesses you can’t find anywhere else. Check out these prize shops and galleries and get more into shopping locally with homegrown businesses.

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Archie McPhee
Seattle-based novelty shop Archie McPhee is a purveyor of fun for people of all ages. If it’s not already your go-to destination for gag gifts and costumes, visit the next time you’re in a pinch […]

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Green Trends to Watch This Year

Concern for the environment is growing among consumers, manufacturers, and service providers. In response, promising signs are emerging that we’re moving toward a more sustainable world. One of these signs is the pace and scope of sustainability-driven innovation. If you’re looking for ways to live a greener life or are interested in breakthroughs in green technology, here are some green trends to watch for and think about embracing this year.
Natural furnishings and decor
Decorating with houseplants is increasingly common. Expect this trend to continue alongside a rise in the production and sale of other organic furnishings. Carved stone stone coffee and end tables, wood furniture, and wicker chairs […]

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