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Create more space in your studio apartment with these design and organization hacks.
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4 Ways to Transform Your Studio Apartment

May 11th, 2017

Most people think of studio apartments as the small, cramped spaces meant for young tenants who can’t yet afford larger accommodations. However, there are many ways that a studio apartment can be improved. With many people embracing a lifestyle of minimalism, studios have also lost some of their “cheap and cramped” reputation. Here are four easy ways you can make your studio apartment into a more manageable and livable space.

Use open space to your advantage

Studio apartments may be smaller than multi-bedroom units in terms of square footage, but their open floor plans offer some real opportunities when it comes to utilizing space. Make sure you are using the center of your room to its fullest by moving larger pieces of furniture, such as your couch, into it while leaving tables and your television stand at the edge of your room. This will allow you to use your space fully, rather than having a large, open expanse in the middle.

Invest in shelving and storage

One of the biggest challenges of a studio apartment is the lack of easy storage. You can fix this problem with enough shelving. If you’ve put the larger pieces of furniture toward the center of the space, then your perimeter should still be largely uncluttered. If this is the case, use the edges of your space for shelving, racks, or bookshelves. If you can store your belongings like this, you’ll find that you can use your space more effectively.

Of course, not everything can be stored on a shelf. If you have belongings that you don’t want to get rid of but which you don’t have room for in your apartment, a small storage unit can be a good solution. This may not apply to you if you are someone living on your own for the first time, but for those who choose to downsize to a studio apartment later in life, an off-site storage space is usually essential. Find something small and affordable, and you should be able to keep your belongings in order without running out of space in your apartment.

Treat it like a real living space

In part because of the perception that studio apartments are only for the very young or those who don’t have much money, most people don’t bother to decorate their studio spaces. If you want to actually make your apartment livable, however, it’s important to customize the interior to your own liking with some small space design tactics. A great place to start with this is by incorporating a few accent pieces, such as a painting you like hung on a wall or some small plants on your windowsills.

If your landlord will allow it, a fresh coat of paint is also a good way to spruce up your studio apartment. Pick out a color you like and spend a day repainting. If you go this route, you’ll actually discover one of the advantages of a studio apartment, which is that they take less time and effort to redecorate than larger living spaces.

Embrace minimalism

In a sense, the problem some people have with studio apartments isn’t that they’re too small or cramped, but that those people want more. Although it can be tempting to continuously buy new things and take up more space, there’s also a lot to be said for keeping your living needs minimal, something which is becoming a trend of late. Being a minimalist makes your life simpler and lets you save money on unnecessary purchases. Instead of worrying about how small a studio apartment is, try to embrace the fact that it’s less to take care of and a lower cost than a bigger space would bring. If you can get into the minimalist mindset, your small studio apartment will seem more livable and enjoyable almost instantly.

At the end of the day, an apartment is what you make of it. Even a small studio can be a great place to live if you choose to make it so. Use the space to its fullest, add a personal touch to the apartment and enjoy the benefits a smaller space can have, and you may find that you like living in a studio apartment more than you expected.

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