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5 Awesome DIY Thanksgiving Decor Projects for Your Luxury Apartment Home

Nov 15th, 2013

Households that celebrate the winter holidays tend to have a collection of seasonal decorations stored away that they can use year after year after year.  Comparatively speaking, few Thanksgiving decoration collections of such size and reliability exist.  If you would like to change this by building up an assortment of decorations with which you can transform your luxury apartment into an aesthetically appealing shrine to the harvest each year, here are some DIY decoration ideas to get you started.

Fall Wreath

If you only plan to hang a few decorations in your apartment home this Thanksgiving, one of them should definitely be a fall wreath.  Twigs, autumn leaves, pine cones, and berries are commonly used as materials in the making of Autumn wreaths. Gather your supplies, set up a wreath-making station, and assemble a wreath to hang on the front door of your apartment (be sure to check with your management office that this is allowed), where it will greet every guest who comes your way during the season.

Coffee Bean Candle Holders

With just a few small tumblers, a couple of pounds of coffee beans, and some orange votive candles, you can create a masterpiece that is an almost effortless way to increase the presence of Thanksgiving colors in your AMLI apartment home. These coffee bean holders are probably the least time-consuming project on this list.  They are also versatile, capable of being spaced throughout a room to spread autumn cheer or arranged in a consolidated manner as a table centerpiece.

Foliage Display

Fall foliage plays heavily into a lot of popular Thanksgiving decorations. If you are looking to adorn your luxury apartment with leaves that are in the midst of one of nature’s most impressive transitions, a foliage display is the perfect conduit for doing so. When it comes to creating a foliage display, your imagination is the limit.  Fall foliage displays look great on mantels, windowsills, and as table centerpieces.  If you want your foliage display to last for more than just this season, wax your favorite leaves before incorporating them into the decoration.

Napkin Place-Cards

If you have any burlap or linen lying around the house, you can find good uses for it at your Thanksgiving table. Cut it into neat napkin-sized squares or rectangles, fold the napkins in half once or twice, and then neatly, and in a calligraphic fashion, inscribe the names of your Thanksgiving dinner guests into the napkins you’ve just created. This is an excellent addition to any Thanksgiving place setting and can spare guests from experiencing any uncertainty they may feel about whether or not they have “taken” someone’s seat. For best results, use a disappearing ink pen and then trace over the names with a glittery gold or silver marker.

No-Sew Table Runners

Another decoration that can really spruce up the Thanksgiving dinner table in your luxury apartment is a no-sew table runner. Again, you can use burlap or any type of fabric you prefer. Choose a rich color that will go well with your centerpiece and other table decorations. Deep red, gold, and rusty orange are popular choices. Once you have narrowed in on a fabric type and color, custom cut a piece that is well-suited to the size of your luxury apartment’s dining room table, and voila.

Assess your inventory, purchase any supplies you do not already have, and set aside some time for arts and crafts over the next few days.  Each year, find a few new decor project that strikes your fancy, and gradually expand your collection of Thanksgiving decor. Your friends and family will admire the Thanksgiving decor in your luxury apartment home, and you should find it easier than ever to get into the holiday spirit.


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