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5 Benefits of Living in AMLI’s Green Apartments

Oct 25th, 2012

With green apartments, AMLI continues to take steps toward a more sustainable living environment for our future. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program has partnered up with us to help our apartments become more energy efficient. We won’t stop trying to reduce our mark on the environment and providing our residents with the best energy-saving tools. AMLI constantly monitors the green rating by performing energy audits on all of our communities and analyzing possible conservation strategies. These top five benefits to living in green apartments will show you how we are working hard for our residents. 1.) Enjoy Fresh Air AMLI is committed to lowering resident utility bills and reducing our carbon footprint. By purchasing advanced air filters, fresh air ventilation systems and green cleaning products we ensure that the quality of air inside of our apartments is being constantly monitored and fresh for our residents. 2.) Re-use Water Our WaterSense showerheads, toilets and faucets save water by efficiently using the water in the community. We didn’t want to stop there! AMLI on 2ND, in downtown Austin, features drought-tolerant vegetation, or Xeriscaping. All of our apartments employ water-reuse strategies to save you money and keep the community beautiful inside and out. 3.) Save Gas Many of our properties are located in urban locations, bringing you closer to nearby services, employment and mass transit. This not only helps with the convenience of your location, but also reduces the need for driving around, in turn, saving you gas mileage and fuel. We take it a step further at AMLI 900, in Chicago, where our preferred parking for I-GO car sharing program rewards residents for recognizing that hybrid vehicles reduce the demand for automobiles. 4.) Save Energy The heat island effect can greatly impact communities by increasing summertime peak energy demand, air conditioning costs, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Chicago’s AMLI 900 features a green roof to reduce this effect on the community. Another advantage in our apartments includes the Low E glass placed in our buildings which minimizes heat gain in the units. You won’t have to waste energy and money by turning up your air conditioning on hot summer days. 5.) Breathe Easy AMLI’s green apartments provide a smoke-free environment that improves indoor air quality. We recognizing that to be green, we have to focus on the energy we use inside and outside with our BreatheasyTM program. Austin’s AMLI on 2ND features formaldehyde-free cabinetry, further improving the indoor air quality. It’s the little things that we strive to do that greatly affect the health of our residents and provide them with more options to live in a healthier and greener environment. When you live at green apartments at AMLI you’re supporting us in making a better living atmosphere for our residents. We make it easy for you to reduce your overall carbon footprint and do your part in making a difference in the environment. So take a look at our 4-Star Green Building Award apartment in Austin or check out any of our other green apartments today!

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