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5 Best Breeds for Apartments that Allow Cats

Oct 14th, 2012

A common prerequisite when looking for a new apartment, is whether or not it’s pet-friendly. Luckily, AMLI has an abundance of apartments that allow cats. If you’re a resident of an AMLI apartment and you’re looking for a furry friend to bring home, there are specific cat breeds suited for apartment living. 1. British Shorthair This breed is known for its ability to easily adapt to apartment life. British Shorthairs are quiet and friendly with their owners. So much so, that they are frequently recommended for first-time cat owners. If a sweet companion and lap cat is what you are looking for, a British Shorthair is the best breed for you! 2. Persian A sweet and easygoing breed, Persian cats enjoy apartment life although they can be a bit needy. If you live alone and are away a lot, a Persian may not be the best choice; they require daily grooming to prevent mats in their fur. Another breed to consider is the Exotic, a short-haired version of the Persian with the same loving demeanor but lower-maintenance coat. 3. Russian Blue Unlike a Persian cat, the Russian Blue is independent and therefore, well-suited for working singles. Russian Blue cats enjoy entertaining themselves but they also appreciate the time spent with you once you’re home. Another notable trait of this breed is that they like their usual routine, especially their dinner schedule, and do not adapt well to environmental changes. If you’re worried about a disobedient cat that jumps on the counters and off-limit areas, Russian Blues are polite, well-behaved and easy to train. 4. Javanese A playful and affectionate breed, the Javanese cat cherishes one-on-one time with their owners but also doesn’t mind being alone during the day. They’re known for their curiosity, intelligence and communication skills. Javanese cats are a wise choice for first-time cat owners. 5. Ragdoll A Ragdoll cat will be especially laid-back in your apartment as well as sweet and playful. These cats make ideal indoor companions and they will be affectionate with you without being overly demanding. Ragdoll cats have the ability to adapt to their environment and also get along with children, adults, other cats and dogs. If you are a little unsure of committing to a specific breed, consider visiting an animal shelter to find a connection. If you choose to adopt, look for an adult cat because once a cat is about three years old, it has matured and the shelter staff can easily match an adult cat’s personality with your lifestyle. It also may not hurt to think about adopting two cats. Two adult cats with compatible personalities can keep each other company while you’re away from your apartment and you’ll get twice as much love when you return home! When it comes to finding the best breed for an apartment that allows cats, the most important factor is not actually its breed but its personality. Once you’re matched with the best cat for your lifestyle, let your AMLI apartment be its forever home!

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