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5 Cleaning Supply Musts for Pet Friendly Apartments

Jul 14th, 2012

We know you love your furry (or scaly) friend, but we also understand that your animal can sometimes leave big messes in pet friendly apartments. Hey, it’s only natural! However, you can have a pet and be able to keep your nice apartments clean at the same time.

Below, we offer some cleaning supplies and cleaning ideas that will keep your nice, pet friendly apartments clean as a dog whistle:

1. Appropriate Sized Vacuum

Obviously, a vacuum is important to own in apartment rentals, especially pet friendly apartment rentals. (Massive amounts of pet fur, anyone?) And in apartment rentals, you don’t have a ton of space to store a larger vacuum. That’s where a more convenient sized vacuum or hand vacuum needs to come in to pick up debris such as pet fur or harmful items that your pet could ingest in your pet friendly apartments. We suggest vacuuming on a weekly basis to keep your pet friendly apartments clean and safe from foreign objects, like coins or bobby pins, that could be swallowed by your pet. Whether you have a cat, dog or both in your nice apartments, there are also vacuums that specifically pick up large amounts of fur or offer steam cleaning options for unfortunate pet messes in your pet friendly apartments.

2. Homemade or Natural Cleaning Solutions

To ensure your pet’s safety in your pet friendly apartments, homemade cleaning solutions or natural cleaning solutions are key. You can search online for recipes to make your own cleaning products that actual work to clean the tile, the carpet or the fish bowl in your nice apartments. There are also many products available at the store that are organic and made specifically with pets in mind. These products will not only keep your nice apartments clean, but it will keep Fido safe and healthy. A few good brands to look into for pet friendly apartment products include Nature’s MiracleMrs. Meyersmethod and Seventh Generation. Some major cleaning product brands have also been switching over to natural, healthier ingredients so, be sure to look at those for your pet friendly apartment, too.

3. Lint Rollers

A smart tool for pet owners in pet friendly apartments, you’ll want to always have a lint roller (or several lint rollers) handy in your apartment rentals. There are lint rollers available in various sizes so you can have travel lint rollers to carry to work or stick in your car, and larger lint rollers to pick up fur on the couch, chairs and your clothes to maintain a nice apartment.

4. A Mop

This sucker will become your best friend for pet messes, spilled items and so much more in your pet friendly apartments. A mop is  necessary for all apartment rentals, even if you don’t have a pet. However, if you’ve got a little Spot or Ginger running, prancing or crawling around all day, your pet friendly apartments will definitely require the purchase of a mop. Pair a mop with your natural cleaning products and you’ll be able to maintain nice apartments while owning a pet at the same time.

5. Under Cage Mats

For those with birds, hamsters or snakes, we know cages can get messy in pet friendly apartments. Invest in a reusable mat (rather than having to change out newspaper every other day) that you can clean when needed. There are specific pet mats available for sale, but you could also use a bath mat or kitchen mat underneath. A rubbery material, which many bath and kitchen mats are made out of anyway, will be easier to clean. Again, this will help ensure that your nice apartments will stay clean and presentable.

At AMLI, we provide pet friendly apartments for our tenants because we understand a pet can be just like a member of the family. They don’t need to be left out of your apartment rental! Click here to browse our apartment communities today to discover a pet friendly apartment near you.

What cleaning products do you always have under your sink? What are some more cleaning musts when owning a pet?

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