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5 Tips for Arranging Studio Apartments

Jun 14th, 2012

Studio apartments can provide a unique twist on apartment living.  But you have to be creative to take the best advantage of your space.  Here are some ideas on how to make your studio apartment look like a mansion!

1. A large bookshelf on the largest wall of studio apartments can be a great addition for not only the decor aspect of the apartment, but for extra storage as well. You don’t have to fill each shelf with books. Add visually appealing containers to hide other items you need to store and more.

2. If you’re wishing to designate certain areas as if they were rooms, arrange furniture in studio apartments as if the rooms were actually broken up with walls. For instance, in the living room area of the studio apartment, you can arrange the couch and chairs to face each other.

3. Break up the bedroom in studio apartments with a curtain. For a door allusion, use a curtain in studio apartments that can be sheer for less privacy or thicker for more, but hang a curtain rod about the entryway to your bedroom and you can break up the rooms a little bit.

4. Make sure you use plenty of light in studio apartments. Since studio apartments are pretty much one room, you’ll need more light to illuminate the place fully. Go for tall floor lamps and choose higher watt energy efficient bulbs Click here to learn about AMLI’s Green Scene for greener living.

5. A focal point in studio apartments may make arranging everything else within the room easier. If there is a fireplace, use that as the focal point and decorate around it. Or, if you you go with tip #1, get a large bookcase and arrange your furniture to accommodate that. A focal point really helps to make arranging furniture and decorating studio apartments a lot easier.

There you have it! Studio apartments are great places to make your new home, especially if you’re living by yourself. If you’re currently looking for the perfect studio apartments, click here to find an AMLI studio apartment near you.

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