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6 DIY Design Ideas for 3 Bedroom Apartments

Aug 10th, 2012

So you and your two roommates found the perfect 3 bedroom apartments that fit every thing on your “Dream Apartment” list. Good for you! Once the three of you have unpacked your new apartments, decking out your 3 bedroom apartments gets to be the fun part that you can bond over, especially if you’re creating Do-It-Yourself (DIY) works of art.

DIY projects tend to be an easy and inexpensive way to  not only create impressive décor that you three can say you did yourself, but it makes for the perfect occasion to hang out with your roommates in your new apartments.There are many ideas out there for 3 bedroom apartment DIY décor, but we’re going to share six of our favorite ideas that will have your guests saying, “Wow! You made that?,” as soon as they enter your 3 bedroom apartments.

1. DIY Dye Rug

If you’ve brought a bland, old rug into your 3 bedroom apartments to either use in your bedroom or one of the common rooms in your new apartments, don’t let it steal the fun out of the other elements of the place. Dying a rug will help to spruce up your new apartment décor and it’s extremely simple. All you have to do is take your rug to an open, ventilated location (like the porch of your 3 bedroom apartments) and spray fabric dye to create a totally transformed look for your new apartments. You can also cut out your own or buy stencils to spray the fabric dye into eclectic patterns over your rug. Apartment Therapy provides the details on creating a DIY dyed rug for your 3 bedroom apartments.

2. DIY Ticket Stub Collage

Are you and your roommates in your 3 bedroom apartments frequent concert attendees? Then this DIY idea for décor in your new apartments is perfect for you! Take all of those old concert ticket stubs and arrange them into an eye-popping collage for your walls. You can combine stubs to make once giant collage or if you have all been to a number of concerts, each make one of your own. That could create a neat, three part wall art for the hallway of your 3 bedroom apartments. All you have to do for this one is buy a frame (whatever size you see fit for your concert stubs and/or other ticket stubs), a poster board cut to the frame size, glue and all of your ticket stubs. Arrange the tickets any way that you please on your poster board and once the glue has dried, put the collage into the frame and hang it in your 3 bedroom apartments for all to see how much you “rock!”

3. DIY Cherry Blossom Painting

If you’re ready to let the inner-artist out, this project is easy, fun and requires just a little bit of painting. Another idea for DIY wall art inside of your 3 bedroom apartments, all you’ll need for this project is an empty bottle of soda, a blank canvas, a paintbrush and two different colors of paint (this DIY project tutorial uses black and pink). You can add more colors if you want to create cherry blossoms in a few different colors. Not only is this painting pretty enough to be placed in the entry way of your 3 bedroom apartments, but guests won’t believe the simplicity that is involved with such a beautiful painting.

4. DIY Centerpiece

We can’t forget a centerpiece for the kitchen table in your 3 bedroom apartments! Tabletop décor is one of the easiest ways to change up the look of a room. Not to mention, we know constantly buying and keeping flowers alive can be a difficult centerpiece to maintain. For this DIY idea for your 3 bedroom apartments, no real flowers are involved and the materials that you’ll need include an empty bottle, a floor care finish (they recommend Pledge) and the glitter color of your choice. Once your bottle has been filled with glitter, stick in a fake flower, which can be found at most craft stores, for a centerpiece sure to catch anyone’s eye.

5. DIY Towel Holder

The bathroom in your 3 bedroom apartments is another room you can add a little DIY décor to, especially if it’s the guest bathroom. Real Simple presents the idea of using a window box on the inside of your 3 bedroom apartments in your bathroom to hold hand towels and other trinkets. We think it could also work for your kitchen in your 3 bedroom apartments. Pick up a window box at a local gardening supply or hardware store, nail it into the wall underneath the window sill (unless there are no windows in your bathroom or kitchen, you can  just put them on the wall for extra, unique storage) and voilà! You’ve got a cute holder and convenient new storage space in your 3 bedroom apartments. We promise your guests will be amazed by your craftiness on this one!

6. DIY Pillow Remote Holder

Probably our favorite DIY idea on the list, you’ll never lose the remote control in your 3 bedroom apartments with a remote holder right on a pillow! From Good Housekeeping, the mag says you’ll need “a throw pillow with a removable cover, the pocket from a pair of jeans (men’s work best size-wise), and fusible webbing (found at fabric stores). Cut the whole pocket out of the pants. Sandwich the webbing between the cover and back of pocket edges; iron layers together.” Then, put the cover back on and you’re all set for movie night in your 3 bedroom apartments with your new roomies. You can do this on a few pillow covers or just one so you always know which pillow will be holding the remote in your 3 bedroom apartments. Just remember to always put it back!

While there are plenty of DIY yourself ideas for 3 bedroom apartments, we thought these were fun and simple. If you’re currently on the hunt for the perfect 3 bedroom apartments for you and your roommates, browse our availableapartments online and discover your new apartments today.

Will you try any of these DIY ideas in your 3 bedroom apartments? What DIY projects have you created before? Tell us in the comments!

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