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8 Lavish Apartment Décor Ideas for Fall

Oct 12th, 2012

Fall is around the corner and no matter if you’re inviting guests over for a spooky Halloween party or delicious Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll want to make sure your lavish apartment is ready. To do just that, we’ve compiled 8 décor ideas that will take your apartment from summer to fall with style to boot: Pumpkins – It goes without saying; the unofficial mascot of fall is the pumpkin. When you were a kid decorating with pumpkins meant spooky jack-o-lanterns but now that you’re older, it’s time to put a new spin on pumpkins. Lining these orange gourds on a bookshelf or mantle adds an instant pop of color and interest to a room. If orange is too bold for your color scheme, why not look into Ghost pumpkins? They provide a new twist on pumpkins. Place them on your coffee table or mantel with your favorite colored candles and you’re ready for a stylish fall. Mason Jars – Mason jars are a subtle way to bring fall into your apartment. Place them on your table, line the counters with them or hang them from the ceiling. It’s doesn’t really matter because it’s what’s inside that counts. Fill your mason jars with cinnamon sticks, pumpkin seeds or fall colored candles and your lavish apartment will have that rustic fall look everyone loves. If you’re looking to decorate for Halloween as well, these jars are wonderful for holding candy or spooky party favors. Natural – For a fall forest feel in your lavish apartment the best thing to do is go straight to the source. Let the forest floor itself be the inspiration for your décor. Faux feathers and pinecones can be arranged together with your pumpkins or on your bookshelf to create charming fall tones and textures within your space. Don’t forget to add in the signature leaves of fall for more color and vibrancy. Book Pages – If the traditional routes aren’t for you, a recent trend is doing crafts with book pages. You can buy old books and re-purpose them in a number of ways. Cut out book page leaves and spread them across a table, put book page tree branches on one of your walls or cut out spooky spiders and bats for Halloween. Apples – Fall wouldn’t be the same without hot apple cider. We love the idea of paying tribute to the fruit by creating apple candleholders. Plus, it’s incredibly simple. All you need is an apple, a knife and a small candle. Just remove the core of your apple with the knife and make sure the hole is big enough for your candle to fit. And just like that, you have a unique decoration that will catch everyone’s attention. You can create as many as you need to make a warm centerpiece or space them out on a shelf for a more modern look. Wreaths – There’s no better way to welcome a new season than switching out your wreath. Wreaths are typically a symbol for the winter months but there’s plenty of options for fall wreaths. There are wreaths made of corn husks, pinecones, dried leaves, combinations of everything listed and more. If you’re looking for a traditional way to decorate your lavish apartment for fall, it doesn’t get more traditional than a wreath! Lanterns – Don’t ignore your patio this Fall. How will people know you’re in the fall spirit if you only decorate the inside of your lavish apartment? And iron rod lanterns are perfect additions to an outdoor space. They bring a warm glow to those cold nights and are sure to impress any guest. You can even make your own lanterns with jars and tins for a more rustic look. Or if you’re feeling especially festive, a good old-fashioned jack-o-lantern never hurts either! Color – The easiest way to shift your house from summer to fall is by changing the color of inexpensive decorating items. Your throw pillows could shift to deep reds and oranges (or even plaid for a cozier feel). Dishes and tablecloths can also be traded out for those with a fall color scheme. By simply changing the color of your apartment you can be set for fall. If you’re looking for a new apartment to live in and decorate lavishly this fall, visit our website for floor plans and available apartments in our communities located nationwide. How do you prepare your apartment for fall?

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