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A Happy Dog Makes a Happy Downtown Chicago Apartment Resident

Aug 13th, 2014

All good pet owners care a great deal about their furry friends’ well-being. It was once seen as nearly impossible, if not downright cruel, to raise a pet in a downtown Chicago apartment home, but the Windy City is actually pet-friendly. And with today’s pet-friendly apartments, parks, restaurants, event spaces, and so much more, it’s possible for some apartment-dwelling pups to live as happily, healthily, and comfortably as they would if they had 100 acres of countryside to roam free.

Here are some great ways to enjoy an urban lifestyle with your pet.

Pet-friendly Apartment Amenities

Regular exercise is a key to keeping your dog happy, healthy, and low on the hyperactivity scale. AMLI’s pet-friendly downtown Chicago apartment homes have leash-free zones where you can give your dog the exercise he needs without leaving home. If you feel you don’t have the time to give your pet the athletic stimulation he or she requires on a daily basis, consider hiring one of the many experienced and reputable dog walkers who serve pets in your neighborhood.

Where your pet’s health and your own happiness are concerned, regular grooming is as important as regular exercise. If you bathe your dog yourself but don’t want to filth up your bathtub, the pet spa (found in select downtown Chicago apartment communities) are a godsend. Designated pet bathing space and state-of-the-art tools make keeping your pet’s hygiene in check convenient, easy, and perhaps even a little bit fun.

Pet-Friendly Downtown Chicago Parks and Clubs

While some downtown Chicago apartments offer all the amenities you need to keep your dog happy, healthy, clean, and fit on-site, The Loop and other parts of downtown Chicago have plenty of free pet parks (such as Grant Park which is near AMLI 900 and AMLI Lofts) and event spaces worth leaving your apartment for. One venue that has a special opportunity for pets to play in a space that was designed purely for their enjoyment is Chicago Party Animals, a canine club that offers a clean and healthy environment for pet socialization and interaction. During the summertime, regular pet pool parties are held nearby.

Urban Fun for You and Your Pet

Does a day spent splashing around with your dog sound like fun? Head to the leash-free Montrose Harbor Dog Beach. If you want to really get out on the water, take a Seadog cruise on Lake Michigan. If you and your pet want some exercise away from your apartment, take a run along Lake Shore Drive.  If a meal out with your pet sounds more like something you are in the mood for, visit Harry Caray’s Tavern or one of dozens of other pet-friendly restaurants downtown. For canine-specific treats that are healthy but ravaged by dogs the way you might devour your favorite sinful dishes, make the trek out to the Happy Husky Bakery in Evanston. The next time you are looking to update your apartment’s decor or do some retail therapy, check out a list of pet-friendly retail stores and bring your dog browsing with you. You can even shop for groceries with your pet if you go to a pet-friendly farmers market.

Raising a pet in an apartment is possible and Chicago is one city where you can do a lot of things with or without your pet in tow. From general recreation areas to designated dog runs to pet spas within your apartment community, to pet parks, beaches, and event spaces, your furry friends will live a happy and healthy urban life.

What amenities do you consider most important in a pet-friendly apartment home? Let us know so we can continue to make our downtown Chicago apartment homes as amenable as possible to dogs and other pets!

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