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AMLI North Point: Welcome to Green Apartments

Sep 10th, 2012

We were curious as to how many future renters searching for luxury apartments for rent in Alpharetta, GA were paying attention to the carbon footprints of their future residences? If this thought hadn’t crossed your mind, you might be surprised at the impact housing, apartments, townhomes, condos and communities all have the environment. It’s pretty astonishing in fact! That’s why at AMLI, we have committed to making our own footprint as small as we can. We are on a green mission (which is known as AMLI Green Scene) “to provide a sustainable living environment for our future,” and want to create the best apartment homes with the conscientious in mind. And there is an array of ways that we’re hitting the Green Scene at AMLI North Point, along with our various communities nationwide. First of all, we’ve partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program and have committed to improving the efficiency of our buildings by ten percent or more. We are utilizing water saving fixtures such as Water Sense showerheads, toilets and faucets in our apartments for rent in Alpharetta. We’ve begun taking measure to increase the indoor air quality of all our communities and everything from our paint to our cleaning products have all gone green. Aside from living green, we’ve begun building green, too. Many members of the AMLI team have become LEED Accredited Professionals and more are getting certified every day. These members have become our “Green Task Force” and have taken the lead on making sure that in the future, our apartments will be built using the best practices and green construction guidelines. Learn all about our Green Scene and what else we’re doing to make our green apartments, well, greener! What are some of the guidelines to being green? Here are just some of the measures we’ve taken to ensure our properties become LEED qualified: • Urban location within walking distance to services, employment, and mass transit reduces reliance on automobiles • Recycling of construction debris reduces waste hauled to landfills • Low E glass minimizes heat gain in apartment units • Use of recycled materials in the construction of the building • Water efficient and high-efficiency fixtures • Low VOC paint improves indoor air quality • Green roof reduces heat island effect • Smoke-free environment improves indoor air quality • Recycling rooms throughout the project to promote recycling • Preferred parking for I-Go car sharing program / hybrid vehicles reduces demand for automobiles • Xeriscape landscaping reduces demand for water • Concrete floors reduce energy demand and minimize airborne pollutants • Formaldehyde free cabinetry improves indoor air quality • Humidistats reduce excess moisture in the air • And more. If you’re interested in finding an apartment home that takes being green to a whole new level, check out AMLI North Point and floor plans/available apartments for rent in Alpharetta, GA. Tell us – how important is environmental responsibility to you when choosing a place to live? Share in the comments below!

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