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AMLI Recycles: We Have a Winner!

Aug 6th, 2015

AMLI Residential is committed to doing its part in preserving the environment. As a proponent of happy, healthy living communities, we feel it’s our responsibility to raise awareness of the ways we can live more eco-friendly lifestyles.

Since one of the easiest and most effective ways to minimize waste and make the most of our precious resources is through recycling, we launched an awareness campaign earlier this year to encourage residents of AMLI apartments to recycle more. The campaign morphed into a contest, AMLI Recycles!, which recently came to an end. Read more about it and find out the winners!

Recycling at AMLI Residential

From the removal of material waste during construction to the smart handling of consumer waste, AMLI Residential makes recycling and environmental sustainability important priorities. In addition to building in accordance with LEED construction standards, we select waste management professionals who can divert construction waste during the various phases of property construction. Where day-to-day apartment living is concerned, we run recycling programs at all of our properties that make it as easy as possible for residents.

Aware that not all of our residents were recycling regularly, we decided to make a push to boost rates of recycling across the family of AMLI communities. We didn’t plan to host a competition, but after launching a recycling awareness campaign it just sort of fell into place.

Partnership with Valet Waste

Once they got wind of our push to boost recycling efforts, Valet Waste offered to donate to the campaign. As soon as they did, we decided we should hold some kind of contest, allocating their contributions to winners. The AMLI Recycles! contest was born, with Valet Waste serving as the sponsor.

Contest Details

The AMLI Recycles! contest rules were as simple and straightforward as they come. Residents interested in participating were instructed to take a photo of themselves recycling, and then upload it to either Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #AMLIRecycles. Photos posted between June 1 and June 30, 2015 were eligible, and residents could enter up to five times each.

Creative Recycling Ideas

Participation in the AMLI Recycles! contest wildly exceeded our expectations. In total, we received more than 600 entrees. Some of our residents got pretty creative, snapping photos of themselves transforming used glass bottles into planters, donating their hair following a cut, and shopping with AMLI’s reusable bags. To see more of the creative ideas we encountered, browse Instagram or Twitter for posts captioned with the #AMLIRecycles hashtag.

AMLI Recycles! Winners

Every AMLI Residential resident who posted a photo of recycling in action, accompanied by the hashtag #AMLIRecycles, was entered into a drawing. From the pool of eligible contest participants, four winners were chosen at random. The winners are Katelyn Kincaid (@katelynrebecks on Twitter), Maria Carolina Porras (@caroporras29 on Twitter), Kristian O’Neil (@koneil312 on Instagram), and Susan Tesch (@sltesch on Instagram). Each will receive a 00 Visa gift card, on top of the satisfaction that comes with knowing they’re doing their part to keep their communities clean and green.

A steward of green living, AMLI Residential is happy to make recycling easy on our residents. While we can’t always offer enticing incentives, we strongly encourage you to recycle whenever possible, today and every day. Each step you take makes an impact, and your efforts can make your apartment community, and the world, a happier, healthier, and cleaner place.

Thanks to those of you who participated in the AMLI Recycles! contest, to those of you who recycle on a regular basis, and to Valet Waste for your generous sponsorship of this contest.

Do you recycle regularly? If you have any tips for remembering to recycle or recycling in creative ways, feel free to share them in the comments.

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