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Add Some Personality to Your Apartment Decor

Feb 14th, 2017

Whether you’re renting an apartment as a short-term housing solution or as a long-term residence, you want the décor to reflect your personality. In some rental situations, there are restrictions on what you can do to the interior space. If that’s a situation you find yourself in, consider it an opportunity to release your creativity, or discover the creative part of yourself that you didn’t know existed, and collect décor that creates a visual depiction of your personality.

Include your favorite color

Professional decorators often recommend that you paint one wall, called an accent wall, in a color that differs from the other walls. If you’re allowed to paint the walls of your apartment, go ahead and paint the accent wall a color that reflects your personality. If you can’t paint a wall, there are other ways to incorporate your favorite color into your décor. You can create an accent wall by hanging a curtain across one wall. Attaching fabric in your favorite color to a divider screen is another way to add a pop of color into your apartment décor.

Personalize with accessories

Decorative items can be a renter’s best resource for displaying their personality. There’s astounding diversity in lamp designs. You can choose a style that exudes sophistication or one that reflects your sense of humor. Lamp shades can also be chosen so that they add uniqueness to your décor. Decorative accessories from bookends to picture frames can be included in your décor to give visitors a glimpse of your sense of style. Adding custom items such as photo pillows is an ideal way to personalize your living space.

Expressive wall art

Wall art is one of the best ways to make your apartment stand out. To maximize the level of uniqueness in the art you display, you can even make your own posters that are specifically designed to reflect your personal taste. You don’t have to be an artist to create custom wall art that showcases your interests. Displaying quotes that have special meaning to you is another way to personalize your apartment. Adding words or quotes to a wall mirror is a good way to visually expand a small area of your apartment.

Get creative with furniture choices

Let your personal design style guide you when you’re making furniture choices for your apartment. You can find some amazingly quirky accent chairs that might be a perfect match for your unique personality. Accent tables are also available in a vast array of styles. Don’t be afraid to shop flea markets where you can get good deals on tables and chairs that you can transform with a fresh coat of paint, new cushions or some unique embellishments.

With a little creativity, you can decorate your apartment so that visitors to your home will immediately see aspects of your personality throughout the apartment. You will have created a décor that you enjoy coming home to and one that you are comfortable spending time in.

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