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Apartment Decor Tips For Your Next Party
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Apartment Décor Tips for Your Next Party

Jun 19th, 2015

Summer is in full swing. If you want to make the most of it, chances are you’re throwing at least one gathering in your apartment. If you’re the type who has no trouble selecting food, drinks, and activities but struggles when it comes to décor, the following advice is for you!

Purpose, Theme, Décor

What type of party are you throwing in your apartment? A casual dinner party? Summer brunch? A blowout bash for a special someone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or job promotion? Knowing the purpose and theme of your party can help inform the décor choices you make. Balloons and confetti are great for celebratory occasions. Team pennants, posters, bobblehead dolls, and sports equipment can enhance the atmosphere at a big game viewing party. If you change-up your decor every season, you may not have to do much if you’re hosting a seasonal brunch or barbecue.

Food-Inspired Décor

If deciding on a theme doesn’t spark your imagination, you can use the food you serve at your party as a jumping off point for choosing décor. A fiesta featuring chips and salsa, tacos, and margaritas, for instance, invites decorative sombreros, serapes, and a piñata. A traditional American barbecue beckons Old Glory and a color scheme dominated by red, white, and blue. If you’re not looking to go all out, choose tablecloths, cups, napkins, and plates that match your theme.

Audience and Décor

How well do you know your guests? If you’re planning a small gathering for a group you know well, consider common interests when choosing décor. If everyone likes boating and the beach, try a nautical theme. A quick visit to a party supply store for some paper boats, a DIY message or ship in a bottle, and blue-and-white tablecloth, napkins, and plates are all you need to pull it off. Other audience-inspired theme ideas to consider are TV shows and movies for which nearly every guest at your party shares a fondness.

Color Pairing and Selection

Some people have a natural knack for knowing what color combinations look good together, while others need to consult the color wheel. You have the flexibility to use whatever colors you want when decorating, but as a general rule you’ll want to choose two or three that will be central to the party’s décor. Neutral colors such as white, black, beige, and gray, work well with and can accent most color schemes.

Putting Your Décor Plan Into Action

Once you know what you want the décor at your next party to look like, get the supplies to help you bring it to life. Make a list, and visit your favorite party supply store to see what you can find. If you’re DIY-décor minded, a visit to a craft store may also be in order.

Whatever décor you decide to use for your next party, ready it in advance so you can enjoy your guests. Summer parties are all about catching up with friends, sharing a good laugh or two, and reveling in the nice weather. The décor you choose probably won’t make or break your party, but it can certainly help to create the perfect atmosphere.

How do you choose décor for your apartment parties? 

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