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So Apartments can be Pet-Friendly After All

May 23rd, 2014

You love your pet and wherever you go, he or she goes with. But pet-friendly apartments aren’t always easy to come by. However, over the past several years, a number of developers have helped to buck this trend by constructing apartments that provide an amenable living environment for dogs, cats, and pet owners alike.

While some of these apartment communities allow pets, they don’t have amenities that cater to them. They are more tolerant than pet-friendly. Good news for pet owners is apartment developers (ahem…such as AMLI) have realized your furry friend is a special part of your family and are tailoring amenities to fit both of your needs.

Pet-friendly Apartment Amenities

Parks and Runs

Places on-site for pets are convenient for apartment dwellers. Pet parks and dog runs can be found in courtyards or on rooftops in an urban setting. Some come with artificial turf, play obstacles, and plenty of benches for us humans. They make pet owners feel that not only is their pet welcome, but they are actually wanted. Rooftop dog runs might make high-rise residents uncomfortable, however there are safeguards in place such as tall guardrails or another layer of fencing between the dog run and the edge of the building.

Washes and Spas

Washing your pet in your tub can be a disaster! Not only can your bathroom become a mess, but there’s also the kneeling, scrubbing, and trying to keep your pet in the tub…it can be a pain. To make life more convenient, many luxury apartment communities have an on-site paw wash or other pet spa facilities. This makes it easy to keep your pet and personal grooming areas separate and also keeps your home free from what your furry friends can track in.

Private Outdoor Space

When you live in an apartment, you typically don’t get a yard or a large outdoor space that you can call your own. But according to Zillow, a trend in apartment amenities  is private outdoor space or yards, but they come at a premium. For many pet owners, having a private outdoor space where their pets can exercise, play, and relieve themselves is well worth the additional cost.

There is a misconception that raising a pet in an apartment is impossible. But that’s not the case anymore. From general recreation areas to designated dog runs to pet spas, your furry friends have plenty of space to live a happy and healthy life.

Do you live in a pet-friendly apartment? What is your favorite pet-friendly feature of the community in which you live? Share with us in the comments.

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