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Green Living

Apps for Living a Green and Healthy Life

Jul 14th, 2016

Apps exist for just about every purpose under the sun. For some task-oriented purposes,there are so many apps that sorting through them can be overwhelming—which is definitely the case for green living apps. Find which are right for you with this brief guide to some widely used and highly-rated apps to start with.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

There are no surprises with this app. Input data from your monthly utility bills, and the app generates advice for improving your carbon footprint. Simple as that!

Good Guide

Become a more sustainable, conscientious shopper with Good Guide, a directory of health, sustainability, and social performance ratings for more than 120,000 consumer products.


Designed to help drivers maximize fuel economy, greenMeter recommends changes in driving habits based on driving indicators, the cost of crude oil, and other factors. Since little work is involved on your behalf, this app can prove valuable for your savings.


Often recognized as iTunes’ app of the week, iRecycle encourages recycling by helping you find a nearby recycling center wherever you are. It also has a guide to what can and should be recycled and how to do so. A social media component gives this wildly popular and frequently updated app an interactive touch.


A gamified green living app, JouleBug provides tips to help you cut back on your energy consumption and allows you to compete with other environmentally friendly users. It makes meeting your energy-saving goals fun.


Care about where your food comes from? Keep tabs on where you can find fresh, local produce any time of year with Locavore. The free, user-friendly app also offers cooking tips and a built-in restaurant directory.


Those seeking a fully gamified, comprehensive carbon footprint reduction app should check out Oroeco. The app tracks your activity, consumption, and purchases. Numbers crunched by brains and technology at UC Berkeley help you understand your impact on the environment. The app recognizes efforts toward environmental stewardship with fun rewards.

See Click Fix

Designed to promote civic engagement and better our communities, See Click Fix provides users with an outlet for submitting reports and complaints on unsafe or unsanitary conditions. Make your community a better place and feel more invested in it with See Click Fix.


Waze uses crowdsourced information to help drivers find the most efficient routes between destinations, based on current traffic and weather conditions. The app saves drivers time, hassle, and gas while contributing to the decongestion of busy thoroughfares.

From simplistically basic to tricked-out and gamified, these green living apps can help you realize your goal of living a greener lifestyle. If you’re committed to living a greener life, check out those that seem suited to your lifestyle and green living goals. We commend your desire to live more sustainably and wish you the best in your endeavors. Do your part to preserve the planet!

Do you have a favorite app for green living? Write about your experience with that or any of these apps in the comments.

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