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Pet of the Month: Atlanta's Taco Tuesday Aficionado Andre
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Pet of the Month: Atlanta's Taco Tuesday Aficionado Andre

May 19th, 2016


We love our furry residents! We were thrilled when our human residents shared photos of their furry family members with us during the AMLI Paw-parazzi Pet Photo Contest. While it was nearly impossible to choose winners, we somehow managed to. We’d like to introduce you to Andre. With a caption of “Taco Tuesday anyone?,” the sombrero, and that big smile, how could you pass this guy up?!

We caught up with his human, Ashley Pandit, and got the scoop on this cute furball. Read on to find out more about Andre’s life in Atlanta and his loving spirit.

Tell us about Andre

Andre is a 3-year-old male French bulldog/pug mix.

Is he your first pet of this kind?  

Yes! My first dog.

How did he become part of your family?    

I have always wanted a dog and when I finished grad school I finally had the time for one.

Does he know any tricks?    

He can hi-five and kiss on command!

What are his favorite pastimes?    

His favorite pastimes have to be lounging in a sun spot or marking every tree/plant/flower/bush in the park.

He is very affectionate and brings a toy to the door every time someone visits, whether he knows them or not. Great guard dog…

He would probably tell you that she is an excellent cook but not a good sharer!

What’s Andre’s favorite part about living at AMLI?    

His favorite part about living at AMLI would have to be the great balcony overlooking the Old 4th Ward park where he can watch all his friends on their walks!

Stay tuned as the Pet of the Month series continues in June.

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