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Pet of the Month- Meet Austin's Adventurous Katie
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Pet of the Month: Austin's Adventurous Katie

Sep 15th, 2016


We love introducing some of our furry residents and winners of our AMLI Paw-parazzi Pet Photo Contest. But alas, the monthly dose of cuteness is coming to an end.

We do have one more pup for you to meet. Say hello to Katie, a playful furball from Austin who is full of tricks and loves going on adventures from kayaking Lady Bird Lake to road trips. Whatever you want to do, she’s up for it!

We caught up with Katie’s human, Dani Neuharth-Keusch, to get the scoop on her life in Austin and adventurous spirit.

Tell us about Katie.

Katie is a three-year-old, female, Australian Cattle Blue Heeler mix.

Is it your first pet of this kind?

Katie’s my first dog as an adult living on my own.

How did you decide to get her?

I grew up with dogs and had wanted to adopt my own for a long time. After a few years of moving frequently and traveling a lot for work, I landed in Austin — perhaps the most dog-friendly city in America! My work schedule settled down, and Austin made it impossible to resist finding a four-legged partner in crime to rescue.

Does she know any tricks?

What tricks doesn’t she know? Sit, high-five, down, roll over, spin around, “whisper,” stand up/dance, pick-a-paw, leave it, speak, “kisses” … the list goes on!

What are Katie’s favorite games? Treats? Pastimes?

Katie loves playing chase and running around with other dogs and humans. She’s a princess, so she’ll eat other treats but prefers 100 percent freeze-dried beef liver treats and frozen raw beef marrow bones. She likes hiking the greenbelt, swimming at Red Bud Isle, kayaking on Lady Bird Lake, running around at Zilker, road trips, and going on adventures to dog-friendly restaurants and retail locations in Austin.

Is she more affectionate or an independent sort?

Katie is extremely sweet and affectionate, but she also likes being her own independent lady — it’s an “I love you, but I don’t need you” kind of attitude. Clearly, she doesn’t lack for self-confidence, and she still loves being the center of attention.

If Katie could talk, what would she tell us about you?

“My mom’s pretty cool. Not as cool as me…but pretty cool.”

What’s her favorite part about living at AMLI?

All her friends! We’ve found a wonderful community of humans and dogs at AMLI South Shore, and truly look forward to our daily “dog park socials.”

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