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Be My Guest: Getting your Pet Friendly Apartments Ready for Guests

Sep 18th, 2012

There isn’t much more fun than having guests spend a weekend of fun at your luxury, pet friendly apartments. But being that your home is pet friendly, you’ve got another part of the equation that you need to think about before guests arrive; your furry friend, of course! While your pet could be the friendliest animal in the world, sometimes bringing in new company for the weekend or a few days during the week might outright surprise them. Here are a few ways you can ensure both your guests and your pets are ready for new company: 1. Prepare your pets in advance. While having guests over is extremely fun for you, it might be frightening for your pet(s). They’re, most likely, used to having just you around the house and having the place to roam free. When a guest comes over your pet’s sense of freedom and comfortability is going to change a bit. And if you’ve never had guests stay over for a long period of time or even experienced what your pet is like around other people, you may want to gradually prepare them beforehand. Two or three weeks before you know your brother or best friend is going to crash on your couch, have a couple of friends over for a movie or game night and see how your pet interacts with them. Your pet may be extremely friendly and instantly take a liking to new people. Or, they might be incredibly shy and cower in the corner. Either way, it’s beneficial for you, your guests and your pets to see how everything goes. That way, you can see if you might need to train your pet for when guests come over. It never, ever hurts to know these details, especially if you’re living in pet friendly apartments. 2. Purchase a crate or spacious cage. If you don’t have a crate in your apartment for your cat or dog yet, having a guest over may be the perfect opportunity to pick one up and start training. That way if your animal is shy or you feel it might get scared by your apartment guest(s), you have a place you can safely keep them. Be sure to make the crate or cage comfortable for your pet. Pile it was soft blankets and/or pillows. You can keep the cage in your bedroom or another room in the apartment that your pet feels safe in. If you have an animal that is normally kept in a cage, such as a hamster, bird or iguana, you don’t have much to worry about 3. Consider a kennel. If you know your pet is extremely spooked by new guests, has anxiety or your guest is allergic, a kennel might be a good option when it all boils down to it. Consider sending your pet to a kennel because kennels, generally, take great care of your pet(s) and the stay is pleasant. Normally, they’re used when the pet owner is out of town, but if you’re really worried about your pet when guests arrive in your apartment a kennel could be an optimal choice. You’ll be able to relax and know your guest and your pet will be able to stay calm. Aside from your pet, having guests over also prompts for thorough cleaning since you’ll want your pet friendly apartment to be spick and span. Clean out your pet’s cage, clean up the litter box and put away your pet’s toys. If your dog is allowed to roam free with guests there and you know of his/her tendency to chew on shoes, inform guests to put their stuff in drawers, keep them in their bag or hang everything up in the closet. If there’s a guest room in your apartment home, remind them to shut the door when they’re not in the room if they’d like to keep things away from your pet. More than likely, having guests and pets in the same apartment will be an easy transition and a stress-free experience. There are key things to think about, though, when you know a guest will be staying with you and you have pet. Just inform your guest before they stay the night that you do have an animal and see what their preferences are. It should be as easy as a walk, with Fido, in the park! If you’re looking for a pet friendly home, please browse AMLI’s website for a pet friendly apartment community near you. What do you do to prepare (if you have pets or no pets) for guests?

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