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8 Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Apartment | AMLI Residential

Sep 10th, 2013

When you live in an apartment, you don’t have to worry about preparing your home for autumn the way owners and renters of homes do.  To get into the spirit of the changing seasons outside, you can spend the time you would have spent readying your home for cooler weather researching and carrying out design projects.  8 decorative touches that can really help you mark the changing of the seasons include:

1. Festive Fall Tablecloth

When you think about it, there are several reasons why the dinner table plays an even greater role in autumn than it does during other seasons of the year.  It is the season during which we have a Thanksgiving dinner, which is itself a celebration of the harvest that sustained our distant ancestors during the cold, harsh New England winters of centuries past.  Many of us allow ourselves to eat a little more during the fall, adding another layer of natural protection from the cooler weather.  There are also plenty of reasons to entertain during autumn, and each of these celebrations serves as an excuse for covering the table with tasty fall fare and eating until one nearly feels sick.  All of these autumnal gatherings can feel a bit more exciting when the dinner table is adorned with a festive fall tablecloth.

2. Living Room Blankets

As soon as the first leaves of the season start to fall, you know it is time to grab those fleece throws you’ve had stored somewhere for the past six months and drape them over the backrest of your living room sofa.  You may want to use fall colors like orange and brown if they work with your living room’s design, but a hand-woven rug you picked up on vacation in Mexico could just as easily do the trick.

3. Autumnal Wreath

When it comes to decorating your front door, autumn is a season that offers an endless array of options.  From seasonal squash arrangements to elaborate wreaths made from acorns, pine cones, and grain, there is no shortage of front door displays you can assemble and show off.  If you are feeling creative and would like to save a bit of money, you can even make your own fall wreath.

4. Fall Leaf Arrangements

Perhaps the most inexpensive way to introduce some of that fall feeling to your apartment home is to go outside, collect some fallen fall foliage, and decorate your apartment with it.  Make a centerpiece out of an autumn tree branch or scatter a few colorful leaves on your dresser or kitchen vanity.  As the leaves in your fall leaf arrangements start to lose their color, you will find that replacing them is easy and free.  Alternatively, you can pick up decorative fall leaves at your local crafts store that will retain their beautiful coloring throughout the season.

5. Scented Candles

Pumpkin spice.  Caramel apple.  Orange cranberry.  We’re not talking about Starbucks® drinks or holiday party desserts.  Instead, we are talking about seasonal scented candles that you can light to infiltrate your home with the smell of autumn.  Shop online or visit your favorite candlery to pick up candles for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom.  Take care to only burn candles when you are in the room with them.

6. Front Door Pumpkin

We’ve touched on the door decorations a bit already, but the big “welcome” pumpkin can have such an impact on your home this fall that it deserves recognition of its own.  By simply buying a pumpkin and setting it out near your front door, you can show others that you are festive and that fall has come.  To make even more of a splash, create a decorative arrangement from seasonal squash.

7. Living Room Area Rug

If you are looking to make tangible changes to your design rather than simply integrate autumnal decor into your existing design, consider switching out the area rug in your living or dining room to one that is more evocative of fall.  A newer trend that has had broad appeal is the layering of area rugs on top of one another, a project that can make your apartment’s floor softer and warmer just in time for the arrival of cooler weather.

8. Linen Change

Even more important than cozying up your floor this autumn is swapping out your summer linens in favor of thicker, warmer bedding.  Fall color tones are nice, but not necessary.  Just make sure that the linens you choose jibe with your bedroom’s color scheme and that you’ve got a heavy duty down comforter on your bed to help you make it through the winter.

Fall is the most beautiful season in many parts of the world.  Regardless of whether or not you live somewhere where the leaves change colors a dozen different times before slowly falling to the ground, you can bring the beauty of autumn into your luxury apartment with these helpful tips.  Live Life + Love Life in your amenity-rich apartment home no matter what the season is.  There’s no reason not to!

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