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Cozy up your apartment this winter.
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Winter Decorating Tips to Cozy Up Your Apartment

Nov 23rd, 2016

Winter is coming. Is your apartment ready? Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that snow isn’t a regular fixture of the season, you might need to start making some minor adjustments around home to cheer you up. Make this time of chillier temperatures and darker days more bearable with a few simple changes to your apartment decor. Here are some winter decorating tips that can help.

Make a rug

Do you like to walk around your apartment barefoot? Having a few rugs on the floor can keep your feet warm and comfortable. If you’re feeling ambitious and have some time on your hand, you can fashion your own rug from well-worn jeans or t-shirts you never wear anymore. Layering rugs is another winter decorating trend that can make existing rugs more cozy.

Bring out the throws

Neatly folded throw pillows look nice draped over sofa backs or stacked on a chair, and throw pillows add flair to all varieties of furniture designed for sitting or laying. Dig up blankets that have been stored for the last several months or purchase some new blankets or pillows for your apartment.

Switch out your bedding

Throw pillows and blankets should be welcome in your apartment bedroom this winter as well. You can also cozy up your sleeping sphere by swapping your summer and fall bedding for something heavier and more textured.

Display and burn candles

You may not have a fireplace in your apartment, but you can still enjoy the flicker of flames at home this winter. Pick out some slow-burning candles you like, and place them around the living room, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom. They’ll contribute to the decor of your space, and a few good smelling candles can give your apartment some scent style as well. Candles can also make the holiday season great. If you have candles you never use, start burning them. Again, if you’re ambitious and crafty, you can make your own scented candles.

Add pops of color

Now that the leaves have vacated their seasonal posts on many of our trees, things might be looking a little bleak outside. Add to this the increasingly shorter days, and you could probably use some more color in your life. If your apartment’s color scheme is cold or neutral, give yourself that color by choosing bright throws, candles, and bedding.

Warm up window treatments

When the sun shines this winter, you’ll want to let as much of it pour into your apartment as possible. When the sun’s not out, you’ll want to keep as little chilly air from permeating your windows as possible. Thick drapes will help with this. Choose a set that complement the colors of the other winter decor you choose.

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