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Decorating White Walls for Renters
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Decorating White Walls for Renters

Apr 29th, 2016

White walls are common enough in apartment interiors that many people find them drab and even painfully boring. Before you jump to the conclusion that you need to paint your walls a bold color, check out these tips for decorating white walls.

With the right decor and furnishings, your white walls can serve as the perfect backdrop for your dream apartment design.

Let Art Take Center Stage

A work of art, proudly displayed against a white wall in your living room, can remove much of the blandness. The plain wall serves as a backdrop for a painting or photograph you appreciate. The advantage of white walls over other colors here is almost any frame and piece of art works with white.

Get Metallic

White goes well with almost all metals. For a chic modern look, choose your favorite from among brass, copper, chrome, gold, and stainless steel. Furnish your apartment with stylish furniture and decor made from or appear to be made from the metal of your choice, and your white walls will look great.

Consider White Upholstery

White upholstery gives a clean, polished feel to a room. And it’s not as difficult to keep clean as you might think. To add some variation to a predominantly white color scheme, play with various tones of whites and grays. You have hundreds of shades to choose from.

Use Layers, Patterns and Textures

Plush carpets, raised spiral patterns, and textured accents can give your apartment character no matter how few colors you incorporate into the design scheme. Again, different hues of white can make quite an impact.

Introduce Pops of Colors

One of the best things about having white walls is they work as a great base for just about every color, including humble hues of white. Fill your space with color if you feel inclined, or just add a few splashes of bold and bright colors to create a striking contrast against the white. Even a single lime green carpet, bright red chair, or Mondrian-style painting featuring primary colors can give a room some splendid flavor.

If you have white walls in your apartment, make them your decorating playground. Select materials you love and one or two of your favorite colors, and have a field day decorating those white walls. For additional tips on decorating your apartment, peruse our blog posts on decorating and design.

Do you have any tips for decorating white walls? Leave a comment to inspire others looking to create the perfect space in their apartment.

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