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Decorating Your Apartment: The Basics

Feb 4th, 2013

You have recently moved into a luxury apartment unit. It’s spotless. It came equipped with all of the amenities that you consider central to a life marked by comfort and convenience. Really, it’s everything you could have asked for. There’s just one problem—it doesn’t feel as much like your space as it could. With the following apartment decorating tips, you can give your apartment some personality and make it feel like home!

First Things First: “What Can I Do?”

Before you get started on your apartment decorating project, it is important to know what parameters you are working with. Different apartment communities have different rules on what one can and cannot do in terms of altering the apartment. Consult your resident’s guide to find out what is forbidden before you take a trip to the hardware store for paint, nails, light fixtures, and any other items that may alter the basic makeup of your apartment. If any uncertainties you have are not explicitly addresses in the manual, contact management for the answers you are looking for.

Assess Your Space

Once you have figured out what type of design changes are within your purview, take a good look at your apartment as a whole. What sort of projects come to mind? Does one area of your home stick out to you as being in need of special attention and care? Make a list of all design improvements, accents, and highlights you would like to make to your space; prioritize them; and then cross-reference with your budget to determine what is feasible at this time.

Designate Focal Points

Used to make small rooms feel larger, to add a dash of color to monochromatic design schemes, and to showcase prized possessions, focal points are an aspect of design that anyone with a penchant for home decoration should become acquainted with. Focal points, which tend to garner more attention than most design elements in a room, bring balance and harmony to a room. Just about any piece of furniture or décor, ranging from a wall-sized painting to a colorful coffee table vase, can serve as a focal point. A focal point may be positioned in the center of a room, but it doesn’t have to be.

Color Scheme Selection

For many apartment dwellers, settling on a color scheme for a room or an entire apartment is the most challenging part of the design process. The abundance of color hues to choose from when mixing and matching can be altogether overwhelming. A bit of research on color theory and common color schemes that work can spare the perfectionist considerable time and stress. For inspiration, visit

Furnishings and Décor

Regardless of whether the luxury apartment you recently moved into was retrofitted with just the bare essentials or fully furnished, you are bound to want to invest in additional furniture and perhaps some art. Think first about functionality. What living needs do you and your household have that are not already met by pre-existing furniture? Next, consider aesthetics. Browse through furniture catalogues and online shopping portals for items that meet your design goals and fit within your budget. Once you have made your purchasing decisions, all that is left to do is put everything together!

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