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Decorating Your Apartment: 6 Unusual Color Schemes that Work

Oct 30th, 2013

When decorating your apartment, there are several design faux pas you want to avoid.  Among the most serious offenses is choosing a color scheme that simply does not work.  If you want to play it safe, you can use monochromatic and analogous color schemes that traditionally work very well together.  If you are looking to be bold or have two or three colors that you would like to use together in mind but you are worried that they won’t work well together, don’t give up on your inclination just yet.  Several colors that you might expect to clash when used together actually go well with one another.  Below, we discuss six color schemes that are not often found together but can actually lend well to an ideal living environment in your upscale apartment home.

Pink and Yellow

Pink and yellow are an awkward 120° apart from one another on the color wheel.  As you can see in this photo from, that does not mean these colors cannot be used as the dominant colors in an apartment dining room.

Purple and Gray

If you have a penchant for modern decor, purple and gray is a color scheme you may wish to consider when decorating your apartment.

Light Blue and Maroon

Light blue and pink go well together, as do dark red and deep blue.  But light blue and deep red?  Apparently it can be pulled off, and in an impressive manner.

Yellow and Purple

Yellow and purple is a rarely used primary-secondary color scheme that can work out beautifully when decorating your apartment, especially with decor that is as rich in pigmentation as that shown below.

Navy and Pink

The deep blue sea meets bubble gum pink to create an attractive contrast in this unusual color combination.

Yellow and Black

Yellow and black clash like night and day and are reminiscent of bumblebees.  These facts haven’t stopped interior designers and home decorators from using yellow and black to great success.

If none of the color schemes on this list strike your fancy but you are still determined to go against the grain by decorating your apartment to the tune of a non-traditional color pattern, there are plenty of other unusual color schemes that work just as well as these.  Utilize e-decorating tools to see what a set of colors would look like before you invest time and money into decorating or do research to find additional unusual color schemes with which you can decorate your apartment.

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