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A Look at What South Lake Union Has to Offer

Apr 16th, 2014

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One of Seattle’s trendiest neighborhoods, South Lake Union occupies a slice of the city’s finest real estate. From natural beauty and architectural splendor to rich history and a community feeling rarely found in central urban areas, the neighborhood may really have it all.

A sample of the abundant offerings residents benefit from include:

Historical and Cultural Splendor

Prior to the 1850s, the area we now call South Lake Union was sparsely occupied by indigenous peoples who lived closely with the land that sustained them. Pioneer David Denny settled the area, and white migrants coexisted with native Americans until a storm destroyed the last of their major settlements in the 1870s. Few architectural artifacts were left behind, but Denny and his fellow settlers were left with a pristine, relatively untouched plot of land to settle. The century following the settlement of the present-day area saw plenty of change, as it developed from a sawmill neighborhood to a center of commerce for hardworking European immigrants.

Migrants to the region brought elements of their cultures, contributing to the richness of the region’s practices, traditions, and architecture. More than a dozen landmarks and buildings in the neighborhood are registered historic places. Today, South Lake Union’s history seems as fantastic as ever with the once-in-a-century discovery of an eight-foot-long Columbian mammoth tusk at the AMLI South Lake Union development site in February.

A Booming Economy

The forces of commerce and industry are, once again, changing in South Lake Union. The big news on this front over the past couple of years has been the development of a .16 billion campus that serves as the headquarters of the online retail giant Amazon. The complex consists of 11 buildings, with space to house some 10,000 employees.

With investment by Vulcan, Inc., Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and other bio-medical research centers, the neighborhood is also poised to be a global hub for life sciences. With thousands of well-heeled individuals forced to shift  their patronage to the local restaurants and shops, these establishments can expect to do bustling business so long as they manage to satisfy their new clients. To meet the demand for upscale apartments in South Lake Union which can be expected to rise with the influx of desirable jobs, residential management firms have been busy developing properties. Two of these are AMLI 535 and AMLI South Lake Union.

Green Space

Like many Seattle neighborhoods, South Lake Union has no shortage of green space. Considering its central location in a densely populated part of Seattle, however, this is most impressive. The most noteworthy green spaces in the area are Denny Park, Seattle’s oldest public green space; Lake Union Park, a 12-acre lakefront paradise managed and operated by Seattle Parks and Recreation; and Cascade Playground, a park with historical significance as the site of the now-demolished Cascade School’s former playground. Many South Lake Union luxury apartment communities, including AMLI South Lake Union, boast private green space on their rooftops.

Consumer Treats

Getting in touch with nature is easy, but so is embracing one’s love for food, shopping, and modern entertainment. Shops, coffeehouses, and event spaces are interwoven with the neighborhood’s residential units and office space. Many of these establishments accept the South Lake Union Card, a free, no-obligation discount card that can yield considerable savings over time.

This is only a taste of what Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood has to offer. It’s a dynamic district that holds a great deal of promise for the near future. To better acquaint yourself with the area, dedicate a day to exploring.

Let us know what you like best about the neighborhood in the comments.

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