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Design Ideas for 1 Bedroom Apartments

Apr 30th, 2012

One of the best things about living in or moving into 1 bedroom apartments is the fact that you’re, most likely, living by yourself. You know what that means, right? Not only do you have your 1 bedroom apartment all to yourself after a long day of work, but you get to control all of the decorating aspects, too.

Depending on the size of your 1 bedroom apartment, there is a lot you can do with it as they’re broken up into different rooms. Below, we offer some fun ways to help you design the 1 bedroom apartment of your dreams:

Pops of Color

Painting apartment walls can help change up the look of the apartment and match your personality. AMLI’s 1 bedroom apartments offer a lot of room for colored walls and the popular trend of accent walls. Mark McCauley, author of Interior Design for Idiots states that for apartments, you should “choose a palette of sharper colors as opposed to duller ones…color combinations with negative space in between will enhance the space’s clarity and openness.”  Libby Langdon of HGTV adds in that creating a focal wall makes “the space look larger.”  Colors we’ve been seeing a lot this year on walls include blues, soft grays and even bright pops of the pink and orange hues of coral.

Unique Storage

Apartment dwellers can have fun with storage in their 1 bedroom apartments. In 1 bedroom apartments, wall shelves are a creative and efficient way to urbanize your apartment while adding extra storage simultaneously. You can place vases with seasonal flowers, set up picture frames, showcase memorabilia, and more as well as store all of your books and magazines without taking up much space. Just make sure you install the shelves safely and properly in your 1 bedroom apartment!

Simplicity is More

Simple decor can actually be more in 1 bedroom apartments. Furniture can be kept to a minimum as this helps to create a spacious feel throughout your home. Neutral-toned or dark furnishings that don’t have arms can make it appear more open, too. You don’t want furniture that is too big or bulky for the size of 1 bedroom apartments. These same rules can be applied to all furnishing throughout your apartment.

Double Up

In your 1 bedroom apartment, think of ways you can double up on pieces of furniture. This means, you could take a chest of drawers and place a small bookcase on top to hold books and magazines. Then, the chest of drawers can provide added storage. Another idea, on the bottom half of a tall book shelf, line up your shoes nicely. On the top half, use it for holding books or other storage items. This helps to keep your shoes from ending up everywhere while serving as storage at the same time.

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