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Design Ideas for 3 Bedroom Apartments

Apr 17th, 2012

Living in 3 bedroom apartments can not only be fun since you’ll have two other roommates, but it can also be extremely fun to decorate as there is added space and three minds going into the design process.

1. Get lots of storage, storage, storage for 3 bedroom apartments.

With three people in an apartment home, you’ll need as much storage, without it being too much, as necessary. While many 3 bedroom apartments have outside storage on patios or extra closets strategically placed throughout the 3 bedroom apartment, that may not be enough storage space for three people living in 3 bedroom apartments. Easy and simple ideas for extra storage in 3 bedroom apartments include thin, flatter boxes to slide underneath a bed, furniture that doubles as storage (which you’ll read about below) and bookshelves doubling up as storage.

2. Decorate common areas with a little of each roommate’s personality in 3 bedroom apartments.

When decorating the common areas, like the kitchen and living room, make it fun and have every roommate be involved by mixing and matching with decor from each person. 3 bedroom apartments are spacious, as they have to be livable for three people, so they allow for extra space and room for decor. When you first move in, make it an entire apartment effort to make the common areas showcase each person’s personality. Maybe one roommate has a fun and funky clock they wish to hang in the dining room? Or the other roommate has an antique end table they’d like to put in the living room? Allowing each roommate of your 3 bedroom apartments to have a say in what goes into the common areas will make these rooms enjoyable to all. This can also make living together in 3 bedroom apartments pleasurable for the entire lease period.

3. Think in “threes” in 3 bedroom apartments.

In 3 bedroom apartments, it’s not just you or you and one other roommate. It’s you and two other roommates so all furniture needs to be accommodating for more than just one or two people. Instead of just a couch in 3 bedroom apartments, a 3-seater couch paired with a 2-seater loveseat offers plenty of additional seating in 3 bedroom apartments. Seating that also adds additional storage, like ottomans or stools that can open up and hold items, offer a win-win situation for 3 bedroom apartments. You get lots of extra seating and convenient, hidden spots for extra storage. Plus, there are many ottomans and stools in appealing patterns, materials and colors that match the existing furniture of your 3 bedroom apartment. You can find these at places like Target or other furniture stores. And remember to always “think in threes” when you live in 3 bedroom apartments.

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