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Quick and Easy Tips to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Your Apartment
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Quick & Easy Tips to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Your Apartment

Feb 6th, 2015

Cupid’s arrows are flying. Chocolate hearts line checkout counters at every store. The time for celebrating love has arrived. Do you want to spend this Valentine’s Day in your apartment rather than out?

Decorate your apartment and prepare a lavish feast for someone special to honor the patron saint of love. And pulling off a first-rate Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck up too much time, energy, or money. Just keep these tips in mind as you prepare your humble abode, and you won’t have a problem impressing your sweetheart…even yourself!

Get Creative with Candles

Ideal, ambient lighting is a key to setting the mood for Valentine’s Day. And since no source of light screams romance like candles, they are a near-necessity in any Valentine’s Day decor scheme.

If you already have some lying around, you don’t need to go out and buy new ones just for the occasion. There are plenty of hassle-free DIY decor projects that can help you transform every day votive candles into agents of love.

When burning candles in your apartment, always remember to extinguish them before leaving a room. If you’re worried about forgetting or want some candle-like light to be on in a room even when you’re not, buy some flameless candles.

Make Use of a Centerpiece

A simple, yet elegant centerpiece can go a long way to make your dining room look ready to host a Valentine’s Day dinner as even the most romantic of restaurants. Red-and-white flowers in a nice vase are classic. A candle drowning in Valentine’s Day candy hearts can work great. This rose, wineglass, and candle idea from Momcrieff is sophisticated, inexpensive, and can be arranged in two minutes. Whatever centerpiece you decide on, try to make sure it suits your relationship

Set the Mood with a Soundtrack

Another aspect of preparing for Valentine’s Day will vary based on your preferences and the nature of your relationship is the soundtrack. The songs that serenade you and your special someone are critical in setting the mood. If you want the mood of the music to change throughout the evening, plan accordingly.

Start out with some smooth jazz or listen to R&B for most of the night before seguing into some heavier love songs. Unless you’re trying to plan an entirely unconventional evening, however, you’ll probably want to let the sappy love lyrics start flowing at some point.

For some inspiration, look at lists of top love songs. If you and your Valentine have been together for many years and have a number of songs you refer to as “yours,” be sure to add them to the playlist. If you haven’t got a clue where to start, Time put together a quiz for you. It’s a few years old, but most of the songs that play on Valentine’s Day are far from contemporary anyway.

Use Your Best Tableware

If you have someone to celebrate with, Valentine’s Day is a special occasion. And special occasions call for the finest plates, cutlery, and serving dishes you have. Bust out your fanciest tablecloth, shine your finest silverware, and use cloth napkins, if you have them.

Follow these tips, be sure to cook with love, and you should be able to host a great Valentine’s Day dinner. We wish you the best with decorating your apartment, and we hope you have a great time celebrating your love!

Are you celebrating this Valentine’s Day in your apartment? If you have a creative DIY projects you’d recommend, share by leaving a comment below.

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